Mississauga Water Feature Maintenance

When you want to make the most out of your exterior spaces, a water feature can help. A great fountain can showcase the natural beauty of an outdoor space or bring a bit of the great outdoors, inside. A clean water feature provides great visuals and the sound of running water can be very relaxing, but cleaning fountains can be anything but! Professional Mississauga water feature maintenance helps to keep systems running smoothly, while property owners kick back and enjoy the show. 

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, water fountain care is a complicated process. Keeping a feature clean requires more than a basic cleanser and wipe with a soft cloth. Without in-depth care and water balancing, it will not take long for fountains to start showing cloudy water, foul smells, algae growth, discolouration, mineral deposits and white scale. A fountain should be an asset but without regular care, it is more of an obstacle, but our Puddle crews want to help. 

Water Feature Care: What to Know 

Creating a plan for your water fountain cleaning is the first step to success and this means catering to the type, style, size and surrounding area of your fountain. A customized approach to regular cleaning can help to maintain good condition for a while but eventually, you will need a deep clean of the system and all of its components. 

Outdoor Water Features: Just by virtue of being outside, garden fountains are at risk of contamination. In the same way that a pool or hot tub is prone to catching organic debris, so is your fountain but these are often not cleaned as regularly. Without regular skimming and water balance, filters will become clogged and algae buildup will form. It is common for larger fountains to have multiple tiers and the higher they are, the more difficult they are to clean. Specialty tools and cleansers make it possible to reach these areas and remove debris and  algae. 

Indoor Fountains: Depending on your location, you might experience hard water. In these areas, filling a hot tub with tap water can lead to white scale and mineral deposits. These make it difficult to keep your fountain running. Restricted water flow forces circulation systems to work harder, putting unnecessary strain on your system and using up additional energy. No one wants to deal with higher utility bills but without an efficient water system, that is exactly what you will be dealing with. 

Making sure that your fountain is in great shape means inspecting structures and water, but it also means monitoring the internal mechanisms like the fountain pump, filter, motor and more. These components can degrade over time or be effected by cold weather. If water freezes inside your system it makes plastic brittle, warps materials and can even lead to burst pipes. Dropping the water level can prevent water from seeping in while taking the additional step to removing the pump can help to protect important components from unnecessary damage. 

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Water Feature Cleaning in Mississauga 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area so we understand exactly what your water systems are up against. Instead of struggling through trial and error, our team of experts know how to create customized treatment plans, as well as offering routine care, deep cleans and seasonal spruce ups. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect properties and our technicians. 

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