Mississauga Pool Leak Detection

There is no such thing as a good leak but they are particularly bad in swimming pools. Having a swim space in your backyard is great but it can also be dangerous. On average, pools hold hundreds of gallons of water at any given time so even a pinhole leak means severe water loss — and that water needs somewhere to go! Avoid drowned lawns and flooded basements by calling a local Puddle Pro at the first sign of water loss. Mississauga pool leak detection services identify leaks, isolate affected areas and provide insight into repairs. 

How to Spot a Leak in Your Pool 

Part of what makes swimming pool leak detection and repair so difficult is that it is tough to recognize a leak in the first place. Whether you use your pool on a daily basis or once in a while, there will always be natural water loss that occurs. High heats and high traffic will cause pool water to evaporate or be carried out on bodies and with the occasional cannonball. A professional pool leak detection service in Mississauga can help to identify whether you are dealing with a leak or if it is just a question of natural water loss. 

The main signs of a leak in pools are a reduced water level and a higher water bill. It is common to lose 3-5 inches of water over the course of a week when your swim space is in high use but if you are noticing more than this, it is time to consult an expert. In order to deal with a leak, it is important to know what type of water loss you are dealing with and being able to isolate the affected area. If you find yourself having to add water to your pool, spa or hot tub on a daily basis or are seeing an increase in utility bills, don’t hesitate to call Puddle.

Pressure Testing: A pressure test is the ideal approach to tracking down plumbing leaks. When dealing with an above ground pool, components and equipment are visible and can be inspected easily. With an inground pool the majority of plumbing is underground and out of site. A pressure test involves applying a steady stream of air to plumbing and return lines. When air is met with a crack, opening or leak it will create bubbles. These bubbles can be followed visually or, in the case of an underground leak, saturated soil will create gurgling sounds. These sounds can be followed using listening equipment. 

Dye Testing: If you suspect that you are dealing with a structural leak, a dye test can help you track down cracks, tears or breakage that is allowing water to escape. This can be in the form of physical damage like a slab leak or a torn pool liner. Something as simple as a sharp piece of debris can tear vinyl liners and even a small tear allows water to escape. A dye test involves turning off the pool pump and letting water settle. Once still, coloured dyes are strategically placed inside pool water. Because dyes are heavier than water they will be attracted to the vacuum that is created by a leak. Technicians are then able to track the colours to the impacted area. 

In addition to expert pool detection services, Puddle crews provide a roster of reputable industry professionals throughout the Mississauga area and that means having an inside track to pool leak repair. 

Leak Detection in Pools: Expert Results From a Puddle Pro 

As a pool owner, you know how demanding a water system can be. Instead of learning to deal with water loss and eventually dealing with a disaster call a Puddle technician at the first sign of water loss. In addition to proper pool leak identification Puddle offers excellent customer service and referrals to reputable agencies to plan your repairs. 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Mississauga area so we understand the most common causes of pool leaks and know how to track them down, isolate the area and organize repairs. By offering pool leak detection services, as well as routine cleaning programs, inspections and seasonal care Puddle technicians can help to keep your water system in great shape no matter the time of year. 

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