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Having a swimming pool in your backyard can help to make the most out of the summer months, but cleaning them can really cut into your leisure time. After a long winter, pool owners want to make the most out of the sunshine and our Puddle technicians want to help! Hiring professional Mississauga pool cleaning eliminates the effort without sacrificing results. Let our team of highly trained technicians scrub, skim, balance and inspect pool systems indoors and outside. 

Pool care might not seem that difficult but it is a complicated process with many moving parts. When you want to get the best results possible, it is important to clean your pool inside and out, catering to conditions, internal components and pool water. Ditch the DIY and basic testing kits for expert care, excellent results and unbeatable customer service. 

Puddle Pool Cleaning Services: A Multi-Step Approach 

Dealing with debris is the first step during the pool cleaning process. Removing debris might be the most obvious thing to do when cleaning pool water, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Even if debris is taken out of your system, there is likely bacteria left behind. A strong wind, heavy rain or weather event will unleash leaves, sticks, seed pods, pollen, pinecones and other organics, letting them fall into pools. Some of these will float along pool surfaces and others will sink to the bottom of the pool. Floating items will clog your filtration system, while sunken items can stain liners. 

It is easy to assume that flipping the switch on a robotic pool cleaner is enough to get rid of debris, but this is not the case. Heavier items are pushed around by pool vacuum heads, and these tools cannot squeeze into hard angles, scrub walls or treat stairs. Leaving these areas untouched creates a space for bacteria to collect and thrive. 

Maintaining water condition is important to the health and safety of everyone that steps foot in your system. It is not enough to shock the pool. Chemical balance comes from monitoring chlorine levels, pH levels and total alkalinity. Even with an idea of where your chemical levels are sitting, it can be tricky to achieve balance. Applying pool chemicals is a complicated process and without experience, can even be dangerous. Ditch the test strips and call an expert to test your water. 

It takes a lot to keep pools running. From the cost of refilling water, stocking up on chemicals and the energy used to keep your pool pump running, these things add up quickly. When filters are clogged and water cannot pass through freely, it puts strain on circulation systems. Cleaning out these areas can help to reduce this strain, cutting back on utility costs for pumps and heaters. 

There is a difference between treating an inground pool and an above ground model but they do rely on a lot of the same parts. Working pool equipment is key to keeping up with condition. Failing to run the pump regularly can mean chemicals are not properly circulated and open the door to contamination. It is also important to monitor the condition of your pool filter, keeping them clean and functional. A cartridge filter can be removed, cleaned and replaced every 3-4 months, while a sand filter should be emptied and sand replaced every 3-5 years. 

Getting the Best Results For Your Mississauga Pool Cleaning 

Experienced pool maintenance does not rely on automatic cleaners but gets great results through tried, tested and true methods. Telescopic pool brushes remove residue from pool sides and steps, while a manual vacuum makes it possible to dig into tight corners, removing every piece of debris. If you do not want to clean out your pool filter or skimmer basket, just call a Puddle Pro to do it for you. 

With options for regularly scheduled pool services, as well as deep cleans and seasonal care, our team of Puddle technicians can handle pools of all shapes, sizes and styles. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to provide peace of mind, alongside great results. Competitive pricing and scheduling options makes getting better results for your pool system easier than ever. 

Available Puddle services include routine cleaning programs, seasonal treatments, inspections, pool leak detection and service calls to keep swim spaces in the best possible condition. With options for booking appointments online and by-phone, it is possible to connect with Puddle crews 24 hours a day. 

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