Mississauga Pool Closing

Ontario is known for its frigid winters and Mississauga is no exception. Even if you love living in a winter wonderland, your swimming pool does not. Freezing temperatures can take a serious toll on pool systems, causing damage to key components and leading to the need for expensive repairs and replacements. Don’t wait for a worst-case scenario when you can call a Puddle Pro for your Mississauga pool closing, instead! 

Taking the time to close your pool during the fall season not only helps to protect your structures and internal mechanisms, it prolongs the lifespan of each component and can help with easier openings in spring. When you want to make the most out of the swimming season, it is important to start in the fall! 

Seasonal Pool Care: Closing Down in Fall 

Throughout Ontario, property owners understand how important weather proofing really is. As temperatures drop, water begins to freeze. It is annoying enough to have ice spreading out across walkways but it is downright dangerous when it happens in your pool system. Frozen water expands up to 9% and while that doesn’t seem like a high number, it can cause major issues in pipes. Expansion in pipes can lead to warping materials and can even lead to a burst pipe, water stains, flooded structures and other unexpected — and expensive! — issues. 

Dropping the water level in an in-ground pool so it falls below the jets and skimmer lines is a good way to prevent water from reaching vulnerable areas. Winterizing drain plugs prevents water from seeping into these same areas, eliminating the risk of damage caused by freezing water around the motor, pool pump, filter and more. In an above ground pool, installing water bags can help to prevent freezing and can be combined with pool antifreeze. 

You might be quick to skim water surfaces during the swim season but when pools are used less frequently, this stops being a priority but debris is still a reality. Letting debris sit in skimmer baskets will lead to rot while free-floating items will break down over time and cause clogs in filtration systems. Sunken debris will sit on the bottom of the pool, staining liners and leaving them looking awful. 

Pool equipment is an important part of any fall pool care routine. Failing to remove pool vacuums or accessories will lead to damage. During the spring and summer, mesh covers will help to regulate heating by allowing sunlight to reach pool water. In the winter, it is better to have solid covers that restrict light penetration as this creates an ideal space for algae growth and bacteria to thrive. 

When it comes time to open your pool, there is a lot of work involved. Restoring water chemistry is a multi-step approach spread out over a couple of days. A basic test kit might help to spot issues with chlorine levels but not with in-depth chemical treatments necessary for a proper opening. 

Seasonal Pool Maintenance: Expert Pool Closings in Mississauga 

Before securing that safety cover in fall, consult an expert on the best way to close your water system. A pool closing service works toward well-rounded care for swim spaces and the surrounding areas. By performing visual inspections of internal components, as well as sand and cartridge filters, diving boards and liners, our team gets great results, at any time of year. By offering seasonal care, as well as regular pool cleaning services, Puddle crews are able to cater treatments to any size, style, and model of pool, as well as any property type. 

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