Mississauga Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Taking care of swimming pools is not a seasonal chore but requires care and attention all year long. It is easy to keep up with the needs of a pool when you are using it every day but as traffic slows down, it is easy to let chemical balance and cleaning fall by the wayside. Taking the time to properly close a pool means being able to open up quickly in spring. Calling an expert for your Mississauga seasonal pool maintenance means protecting your pool from the cold and making the most out of the swim season. 

The needs of your pool will change drastically as temperatures drop. In addition to having an effect on pool water, freezing temperatures can cause damage to structures and the internal components that keep it moving. Keeping a pool in great shape means taking care of it throughout the swim season but it also means an in-depth pool opening and pool closing. 

Seasonal Pool Care: A Schedule That Works 

During high use periods, swimming pools are skimmed and water balanced almost every day. Many pool owners opt for weekly maintenance to keep water systems running smoothly, but a changing of the seasons can easily fly under the radar. 

Closing a Pool For Winter: When summer moves into fall, it is time to start thinking about closing your pool. Preparing your pool for the off-season shouldn’t be done on a set schedule but should be based on the weather. 

When the average temperature reaches 15 degrees, your water systems should be closed out to avoid damage caused by freezing water. In addition to necessary chemical treatments fall pool care includes debris removal, dropping water levels in in-ground pools to prevent water from reaching vulnerable areas. Installing water bags in above ground pools can help to prevent freezing. 

Opening Your Pool: As soon as the weather gets warm, pool owners want to start making use of their pool, spa or hot tub. After sitting still for months at a time, you can’t just pull back a pool cover and dive in. There is a very good chance that you are going to be dealing with algae, discolouration, smells or residue on pool walls. Dealing with this before use is key to keeping swimmers safe. When opening up a pool system for spring, it is important to replace any components that had been detached, inspect circulation systems and liners to identify any issues that might have happened over the course of the winter. Spring pool care often kicks off with a shock treatment and debris removal from water surfaces, pool bottoms and the skimmer basket. Having an expert test the water in your pool means chemical levels are sitting exactly where they need to be, including sanitizers, chlorine level, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Puddle: Providing Seasonal Pool Maintenance Service in Mississauga 

Unlike a standard pool cleaning service, seasonal pool care digs deep into the inner-workings of water systems to ensure that there is no unnecessary damage occurring behind the scenes. In addition to caring for pool water, structures and mechanisms, Puddle technicians keep an eye on pool equipment as well. Having your water tested by pros and your system inspected to avoid damage, keep swimmers safe and even lower your running costs. 

Our experts highly recommend closing a pool when temperatures reach 15 degrees and it is a good idea to open up when temperatures reach 21 degrees. After years of industry experience, our team of technicians understand when and how to treat pools and hot tubs. By providing a multi-step approach to managing water chemistry, scrubbing structures and inspecting the filtration system, our Puddle Pros get the best results, every time. 

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