Mississauga Residential Pool Services

A swimming pool can be a great addition to a property, or it can be a massive chore. Purchasing a home with an existing pool, or installing one, are investments in your curb appeal and enjoyment. Instead of letting pool care eat into your leisure time, call a Puddle pro for your Mississauga residential pool services. 

An amateur approach to pool care can mean poor water quality, strained circulation systems  and unexpected damage. When one aspect of your pool begins to fail, it has an impact on a wide range of other factors. A bit of debris not only looks awful, it can clog up your filtration system, putting strain on your system and impacting your household running costs. Ditch debris, avoid cloudy water, keep systems running smoothly and have pools looking their best with a bit of help from a Puddle technician! 

Pool Care at Home: What to Watch Out For 

When carrying out pool maintenance at home, it is important not to get caught up on one aspect — but it happens! It is easy to fixate on water balance and condition but great results come from treating multiple components of your system all at once. 

Pool water is a key focus for many homeowners — and it should be! Stepping foot into contaminated water can lead to serious health issues, ranging from skin irritations to eye and ear infections, digestive issues and even e-coli poisoning, in severe cases. When water chemistry is way off, it is a good idea to shock your pool to restore water balance. The right application of pool chemicals can help to regulate the chlorine level, as well as pH levels, alkalinity and more. 

Every outdoor pool system is prone to collecting debris. The most common type of debris that is found in pool water are leaves, sticks, pine needles, seed pods, pollen, dirt, dust and even insects. These items will float along water surfaces, but they will also build up in skimmer baskets. Lighter items can break apart, creating blockages in filtration systems and can prevent water circulating. Without proper circulation, chemicals are not carried throughout the system and will lead to unsanitary spaces. 

A functional circulation system is key to a clean pool. Even if you’ve cleaned the water, it will become dirty in no time without a working pool pump, motor, or filtration system. By performing visual inspections of these areas, it is possible to take note of vulnerable areas, stopping problems before they become disasters. 

Puddle Pool Cleaning Services: Great Results Right to Your Front Door 

When basic testing kits are not getting the right results for your pool, it is time to call an expert. Our team of highly trained technicians are able to keep your pool cleaner, over a longer period. Opting for routine Mississauga residential pool care means being able to prevent algae within your system, as well as preventing internal mechanics from struggling. From regular cleanings to seasonal maintenance, there is nothing that our team of Puddle Pros can’t handle. 

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect properties, provide peace of mind to our clients and keep technicians safe as well. Mobile vehicles allow our crews to reach pools and hot tubs in a variety of areas, both outdoors and inside. With top of the line tools and safety equipment and a range of service options, our technicians provide excellent service on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, as well as seasonal care and deep cleans. Restore or maintain your existing systems with a bit of help from a pro! 

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