Vaughan Water Feature Maintenance

When you want to add character to any property, a water fountain is just what the doctor ordered. These water systems provide soothing sounds, great visuals and a natural element that everyone loves. When fountains are not maintained however, they create foul smells, drop your curb appeal and send foot traffic running in the opposite direction. Vaughan water feature maintenance keeps water crystal clear and flowing, as well as avoiding damage and costly repairs. 

Water feature cleaning is not as easy as grabbing a bleach-based cleaner and scrub brush. In fact, taking the wrong approach to cleaning an outdoor feature can mean scrubbing away protective coatings or damaging aged or weakened materials. On top of all this, it is important to keep water clean! Fountains aren’t meant to be swam in but that doesn’t mean it is okay for water to be carrying bacteria or hosting algae blooms. When you want the best results for your indoor or outdoor water fountains, call your friendly neighbourhood Puddle technician! 

Water Feature Care: A Multi-Step Approach 

A contaminated fountain is bad news not only for the water itself but for internal systems and structures, as well. In order to keep your fountain running smoothly, you need a multi-step treatment plan that addresses issues inside your water systems and at the surface level. 

Water Treatments: Fountains are up against the elements in the same way that pools and hot tubs are but they definitely don’t get the same level of attention. Indoor fountains may not experience the same level of debris as an outdoor fountain but they are still susceptible to water contamination. Without regular chemical treatments, water will start to look cloudy or discoloured, smell bad and start to develop algae growth. Everything from heavy rains and high heats will cause a shift in chemical levels, so regular testing and tweaks are necessary to keep water clean. 

Removing Debris: Part of what makes water fountain cleaning such a complicated process is that features come in a wide range of sizes and styles. It is easy to skim out debris at the ground level but larger fountains may have multiple tiers or mean having to wade into fountain basins to remove debris stuck in the middle. Dealing with higher fountain heights means having to stand on slippery surfaces which can quickly lead to serious injury. Experts come equipped with top safety equipment that enable our technicians to reach higher areas for a more thorough cleaning. 

Seasonal Care: Ontario is known for frigid winters. Pool owners know that their water systems need to be winterized but fountains are often not treated the same way. Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and can lead to cracking while frozen water will expand in pipes and can cause them to burst. When you want to protect plumbing and internal components, it is important to drain the water level in your water feature so it doesn’t reach vulnerable areas. It is always a good idea to remove detachable components, like the fountain pump to be dried and stored for the winter. You should never try to remove the pump on your own and should always consult an expert. 

Deep Cleans: Even if you clean your fountain regularly it is important to make deep cleans a part of your maintenance routine. If you start to notice algae growth, staining, white scale or mineral deposits, a bit of mild soap isn’t enough to get rid of it. A deep clean means draining fountain water so concrete structures can be scrubbed clean or acid washed to get rid of staining. 

Puddle Pool Services: Water Fountain Care You Can Count On 

Many homeowners are quick to call an expert for professional landscape services but leave fountains out in the cold — literally! When you want to keep your fountain working properly with clean surfaces and running water all it takes is one call to a local Puddle technician. After years in the industry our team of technicians are highly trained and experienced to handle any type of water fountain, indoors or outside. 

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