Vaughan Pool Leak Detection

As much as you might be looking forward to spending the summer season poolside, a leak can really cramp your style. Even a pinhole leak in a swimming pool can lead to serious water loss, widespread damage and some seriously expensive repairs. Instead of waiting for the worst case scenario call Puddle for your Vaughan pool leak detection at the first sign of water loss. 

If you are in the market to leak detect and repair existing damage, the first step is to pinpoint where your water loss is coming from — and whether you are even dealing with a leak at all! Over the course of the spring and summer your pool will experience natural water loss, which can be confused with a leak. In order to get the best results for your pool system it is important to break leak detection into multiple steps that identify leaks, pinpoint what type of leak you are dealing with and isolate the problem areas so they can be repaired. 

Leak Detection in Pools: What to Watch Out For 

When exposed to high heats and high rates of traffic natural evaporation and water loss just happen. Elevated outdoor temperatures will cause water to evaporate and with every swimmer that enters your system, pool water is being carried out with them. Take this and combine it with splashing and cannonballs and you are dealing with noticeable water loss. It is easy to confuse a natural drop in water levels with a leak but there are some telltale signs that can help you understand the difference. 

If you find yourself having to constantly refill pool water it is a good idea to mark your water level and see if it continues to drop when it is not in use. If you find it difficult to mark and measure water levels, you can always try out the bucket test. The bucket test is an old school but effective method to determining if you have a leak. The process involves setting a bucket of pool water next to the poolside so the two are exposed to the same conditions. After a couple of days, if the water level in the pool has dropped more than the bucket, you are dealing with a leak. 

Another sure sign that you are dealing with swimming pool leaks is a higher than usual water bill. If you have been in the same house for a while you will have an understanding of what your average water bill should be. If you are noticing that utility bills are on the rise, your swimming pool might be the culprit. 

Puddle Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services: Our Methods 

In an above ground pool, all plumbing systems and structures are visible. If you are losing water in one of these areas it is possible to pinpoint it with a visual inspection but managing an inground pool is much more difficult. A leak in an above ground pool will drown lawns and can even flood surrounding structures. In the event that you need to fix the leak in an above ground pool, it is often a much simpler process than dealing with an inground model. 

When managing an inground pool, structures are underground and so is the majority of your plumbing. If you are dealing with root damage, for example, tracking down a leak is nearly impossible — until you call Puddle that is. Our Puddle crews provide leak testing for both structures and plumbing, which will determine what type of leak you are dealing with. 

Pressure Test: The most efficient way to determine whether or not there is a leak in your plumbing is with a pressure test. This type of testing involves applying a consistent flow of pressurized air to plumbing lines. When this air comes into contact with cracks or openings it will produce air bubbles that can be tracked down. In the case of an underground leak, air flow will create gurgling sounds that will either be heard by technicians or can be tracked down with speciality listening equipment. 

Dye Test: If you suspect that you are dealing with a structural leak, a dye test can give you confirmation. These tests involve turning off the pool pump and waiting. Once water is still coloured dyes are strategically placed inside the pool basin. Because dyes weigh more than pool water, it will be drawn to the vacuum created by an opening or leaks. This might be something simple like a small tear in a vinyl liner or something more serious like a slab leak or foundational crack. 

Leak repairs can range in severity. For example, a small tear in a pool liner can be patched without needing a full replacement. With a wide network of local repair, construction and installation specialists our Puddle technicians can help to organize leak repairs with reputable experts. 

If you suspect there is a leak in your pool, don’t hesitate to call an expert. In addition to offering expert pool leak detection services Puddle crews provide regularly scheduled pool maintenance, inspections, service calls and seasonal pool care to keep your water systems in great shape, no matter the time of year. With options for booking online and by phone Puddle clients can access information and schedule appointments 24 hours a day. 

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