Ajax Water Feature Maintenance

A smooth running water fountain can help to create a serene indoor environment or can be the centrepiece of your landscaping but not matter what, it has to be clean! A dirty water feature looks terrible but it can also lead to a damaged water system and health risks. Instead of learning to live with green, smelly water or mineral deposits, call Puddle for your Ajax water feature maintenance. Our team of high trained experts have created treatment plans that clean your systems inside and out for great visuals and reduce the need for premature repairs or replacements. 

No matter the type of water fountain you are dealing with, these feature are always at risk of algae growth, bacteria buildup, white scale and mildew. Staining, discolouration and growth will cause a drop in your curb appeal while wearing down on surfaces, buildup inside plumbing lines will prevent your system from running smoothly causing wear and tear to equipment and components. No matter how you look at, a dirty fountain is big trouble but our team of experts is here to help! 

Water Fountain Care: The Best Way to Get Great Results 

Keeping your fountain cleaner means creating a customized treatment plan that accounts for the age, type and condition of your feature, as well as the surrounding area. There is a big difference between cleaning an outdoor fountain and an indoor model but our team of experts are highly trained and experienced with each. 

When dealing with a garden fountain, for example, removing debris can feel like a full-time job. If debris isn’t removed from a fountain regularly, it was rot and break apart, creating smaller, harder to remove pieces and they will encourage algae growth. Having a wider fountain can mean having to wade out into water to remove unwanted items while taller models often feature multiple tiers. Reaching higher areas means climbing up on a ladder or stepping up on slippery surfaces which can quickly result in slips, falls or serious injury. 

When algae begins to form it will take more than a bit of mild soap and a scrub brush to get the right results. Just aiming a heavy duty tool like a pressure washer at surfaces can lead to breakage while harsh chemicals will melt off protective coatings. It is important to use specialized chemical treatments and tools that will clean without causing damage. 

In addition to treating surfaces and water chemistry, it is important to care for the internal systems that keep things flowing and that means fountain pumps, filters and lines. Indoor pumps are often found nearby behind panels while outdoor fountain pumps are often found in sheds or storage boxes and even buried underground nearby. 

Even with a routine water fountain cleaning program your features will need a deep clean at least once a year. This process involves using expertly developed chemical treatments that run through systems loosening and pulling out unwanted items from inside lines and components, depositing it back into basins. From here, technicians drain the water. Once empty, concrete structures can be acid washed and liners can be scrubbed to remove discolourations. 

Puddle Water Feature Care: Excellent Results Indoors and Outside 

When you want to keep your indoor or outdoor water fountain running, it is always best to leave the heavy lifting to an expert. Taking a DIY approach to cleaning and maintenance can result in missed steps that wear down on your systems and equipment over time. It is a lot more effective to keep up with regular cleanings than it is to have to replace lines, pumps and repair structures. In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle technicians provide options for routine cleaning programs, one-time service calls, deep cleans and inspections. 

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