Ajax Pool Closing

Anyone can do a quick internet search to come up with dozens of tips for fall pool maintenance but not all of these will be effective. Taking a DIY approach to pool closings can mean missed steps that result in serious damage. Protect your swim space from winter weather by calling Puddle for reliable Ajax pool closing services. 

Protecting your pool for the winter isn’t a one step process but involves multiple steps, each of which address a different aspect of your water system. Just throwing on a winter cover isn’t enough to prevent freezing or algae growth, and it sure won’t make it any easier to open up again when warm weather comes back around. Calling Puddle for your fall pool care means avoiding unnecessary damage and making it easier to open your pool in spring.

The Best Way to Close Your Pool: A Multi-Step Approach 

It can be tough to accept that summer is coming to an end but when you start to layer your clothing, it is probably time to think about closing your pool. Many pool owners think about closing down after the September long weekend but this might not be the ideal time. Closing too early can mean missing out on valuable swim days but closing too late can mean unexpected damage caused by cold weather and freezing. The ideal time to close your pool for the fall season is when the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees. 

Water Treatments: Water chemistry is often a top priority during the swim season but when pools are used less frequently it is easy to forget about chemical treatments. When going into the off-season it is important to apply a combination of specialized winter chemicals designed to prevent freezing and reduce the risk of algae growth. 

Water Levels: One of the main risks to swimming pools throughout winter is freezing. It takes prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures to freeze an entire pool basin but small amounts of water are much more susceptible. This means any sitting water in return lines or around pool equipment will freeze behind the scenes. Cold temperatures will cause plastic to become brittle, leading to damaged equipment. When water freezes, it expands up to 9% which is enough to cause pipes to burst. Dropping water levels and winterizing drain plugs keeps water out of vulnerable areas where it might freeze and cause damage. When dealing with an inground pool it is important to drain the water level so it falls a few inches below the skimmer line and an above ground pool will need to have a water bag installed. 

Ditch Debris & Check Filters: Leaving debris inside a pool system for the off-season means increasing the risk of algae growth, bacteria and permanent staining. It is important to skim out floating items, vacuum up sunken debris and empty skimmer baskets. A changing of the seasons is also the ideal time to check on the condition of cartridge filters or sand filters. 

It is important to keep your pool covered during the off-season but it is also important to use the right type of cover. During spring/summer a mesh cover helps to heat your pool water but when the temperature cools you need a solid mesh cover that keeps sunlight out and reduces the risk of algae growth. 

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