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When the warm weather comes back around after a long winter, pool owners want to throw back winter covers and hop on in but it isn’t that simple! After months of sitting idle your pool water is likely looking more like a swamp than a safe place to swim in. Restoring pool condition after months of sitting idle is tough but calling Puddle for your Ajax pool opening gets the job done right. 

Proper spring pool care can set the stage for a successful swim season but an amateur approach can lead to damage, as well as health risks and shortened lifespans of pool equipment. When you want to make the most out of the swim season, don’t waste time on trial and error when you can call Puddle for reliable, affordable and efficient pool openings. 

What Makes a Proper Pool Opening So Important? 

After months of sitting idle, it’ll take more than a shock treatment to restore water condition so it is safe for use. Pulling back a pool cover in spring often means coming face to face with cloudy water, a ton of built up debris, algae blooms, discoloured water and foul smells. This doesn’t just create poor visuals, it has a negative impact on overall condition and is a serious risk to health and safety. 

When you want to clean your pool for the swim season, it is important to break the process down into multiple steps to ensure that you are getting the right results. The opening process involves in-depth water treatments, debris removal, balancing, testing and a whole lot of scrubbing. Anyone can test the water in their pool with a simple kit but there is a big difference between having to clean your pool and having to open it. 

After months of sitting idle your pool water is probably cloudy, green or full of algae. Shocking water might provide a superficial improvement but restoring water to a sanitary state means balancing the chlorine level, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. Stepping foot into contaminated water can have serious consequences ranging from skin irritations, eye and/or ear infections, digestive illness and even e-coli poisoning in severe cases. 

Swimming pools are built to be durable but they aren’t invincible and they definitely can’t stand up to an Ontario winter without a bit of help. Following the off-season it is important to inspect important components that keep your water clean and flowing, like the pump and filter. 

Professional Pool Opening Services: The Best Way to Open Your Pool 

In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle Pros provide full service pool openings and it all starts with refilling the water level. Once water levels are topped up, we remove any debris from water surfaces, the bottom of the pool and from inside the skimmer basket. From there, our technicians apply a multi-step chemical treatment that restores water chemistry, over the period of 2 days. Our experienced technicians also review the condition of the pool filter and other components to ensure that your systems are working exactly as they should. 

With options to book online and over the phone you can book your pool opening 24 hours day. Make the most out of the swim season with efficient and affordable pool services. 

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