Coquitlam Water Feature Maintenance

No one wants to take a seat next to a fountain that is discoloured or smells bad. When water features are in great shape, they can be a big draw for tenants, guests and customers. From top to bottom, fountains require a multi-step approach that not only covers water chemistry but mechanisms and structures as well. When you want the best results, call a Puddle Pro for your Coquitlam water feature maintenance.

What Makes Fountain Care so Important?

It is common to spot an outdoor water fountain around a public park or golf course but indoor water fountains are a bit more versatile. From a basic wall fountain to a large stand-alone structure, water features come in all shapes and sizes. Whether large or small, it takes a lot of time and energy to ensure that your system is running smoothly.

More than what is right in front of you, fountain maintenance means diving deep into the mechanics and additional hookups that make your system run. Without the right technical knowledge, trying to care for more delicate features can be difficult. Trying to clean the pump, for example can lead to costly breakage. More than having to reach areas that are complicated or tight, have a professional take a swing!

In addition to caring for the physical aspects of your property, water fountain care revolves around water chemistry and the use of balanced chemicals and sanitizers to prevent algae growth and potentially harmful bacteria. Algae buildup is more commonly seen in a garden fountain but no water feature is immune to this invasive growth. Taking the time to cover the fountain might help to keep out some debris but it is not enough to prevent all items from landing inside. Imbalanced water and organics are the ideal space for algae to thrive.

When performed properly, regular care and maintenance can help to keep your fountain running, with crystal clear water – and a professional can help!

Water Fountain Cleaning: Calling the Pros

Treating an indoor fountain means treating both areas that are seen and unseen. Caring for outdoor fountain pumps is much different than caring for an indoor fountain. Taking the time to remove the pump allows you to inspect this vital aspect of the fountain, but it takes a trained eye to do this without causing damage.

Fully insured pool technicians are able to bring peace of mind right to your front door. Whether at work or at home, indoor fountains are great additions to any space but they are also complicated to care for. After years in the industry, our Puddle crews are able to diagnose issues at both the surface level and deep within your system. Call today for your free quote.

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Dmitry Jonson
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That was such a great experience working with Puddle Pool Services manager Mark. He was professional and explained me all the treatments our pool needed. Their tech guy Jamie - showed up on time and cleaned our pool. I recommend that company.

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Called in to see if they could come get the pool ready for the kids, Mark was great, sent over Michael, who by the way did a great job. He was fast and cleaned up very nicely. Highly recommend these guys!

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Jamie was extremely helpful and straight forward with the service. He walked me through the process in an easy to follow way. 10/10 service. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to everyone considering using Puddle Pool Service!

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I had a great experience with Puddle Pool Services. I arranged all the details with the manager Mark for filter cleaning and water treatment. The technician Lilly did an amazing job!

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I had an amazing experience with Puddle Pool Services. Their manager Mark was very patient explaning everything that my pool needed and they solved very quickly. I really recommend this company!

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