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Plenty of pool owners are quick to call in seasonal maintenance services to close down their systems, but often take a DIY approach to opening. While it might seem simple to pull back pool covers, toss in an inflatable swan and enjoy warm weather, after months of sitting idle proper care and condition is incredibly important. After months of sitting idle, water systems are in need of deep cleans and chemical treatments — and our Puddle Pros can help! Professional Coquitlam pool opening can set the stage for a successful swim season, so ditch DIY and enjoy the weather.

When you want to open your pool properly, a multi-step approach is the key to success. By focusing on individual aspects of your property separately, it is possible to create an excellent result for the full picture of your swimming pool.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance: Opening A Pool For Spring

From the pump and filter and down to the cover, cleaner pools are an investment in your property and your enjoyment. With a busy schedule, it is easy to put pool care on the back burner. The second that temperatures take a turn for the warm, property owners are keen to hop into their pools, but without a proper cleaning, this can result in irritations, infections or other health and safety issues. In addition to keeping swimmers safe, a proper opening can help to protect the overall condition of your pool and hot tub. Why bother with costly pool repairs or replacements when you can call a Puddle Pro instead?

Clean pool water is the key to keeping swimmers safe, and after long periods of disuse, you are likely experiencing high rates of contamination. When you remove the cover from your system, you are likely to be confronted with organic debris, algae blooms, and maybe even a mouse or two. During a pool closing, water levels are dropped to protect inner mechanisms, but before you grab that garden hose to add water, get rid of debris first.

As simple as it might seem to vacuum the pool floor, it is more complicated than meets the eye. Basic vacuum heads cannot get into corners or hard angles, and they certainly can’t scrub away residue. Having a Puddle technician perform your opening services means access to top of the line equipment, designed to remove residue, eliminating slippery surfaces and creating a safer environment for family, friends, guests and tenants.

Any pool supply store can provide a basic test kit with basic test strips, but these are not always known to get results. Having water tested by an expert can help to achieve balance and algaecides can get rid of any blooms that have appeared while the pool was closed. Debris can break down, creating an unsanitary environment but it can also stay intact and clog circulation systems. If there are obstacles within your filter, it puts added strain on the filter, pump, motor and utility bills.

Expert Pool Opening Services: Great Results, Every Time

Specialized pool services can help to keep your system running smoothly, cut back on utility bills, boost curb appeal and eliminate the need for premature repairs or replacements. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect properties, while providing great results. Whether you use Puddle for seasonal services or regular pool cleaning, our clients can always expect top notch customer service, excellent results and peace of mind from fully insured technicians.

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