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Having a pool at home is great, but taking care of them can be anything but! Taking care of a pool is an important part of health and safety around your home, but it also impacts your curb appeal. Properly maintained swimming pools add value to any property but a dirty pool will take away from it. Instead of letting the condition of your swim space impact your health and your curb appeal, call an expert for your Coquitlam residential pool services.

Pool maintenance is not as simple as just throwing in a chlorine puck every now and then. In order to keep water systems running smoothly, it is important to keep on top of debris, monitor circulation systems, balance chemical levels and inspect pool equipment. All of this can feel overwhelming for homeowners, so pass the heavy lifting onto a professional instead!

Residential Pool Care: What to Know About Your Water System

Every pool system is made up of many moving parts. When one of these begin to fail, it will have a widespread impact on how your swimming pool functions. In order to keep your pool cleaner, there needs to be water circulating and that means internal mechanisms need to be functional. Professional pool cleaning service provides in-depth cleaning services, as well as visual inspections of liners and vulnerable areas.

Keeping Up With Water Chemistry: A pool or hot tub is usually used more often during warmer weather. As great as a hot, sunny day might be, higher temperatures can burn off chemicals at a quick rate, impacting the level of pool chemicals in your system. If water becomes imbalanced, you might begin to notice cloudy water, algae, foul smells and discolouration. Test strips might tell you that your chlorine level is low but shocking the pool might not be enough to get results. Low chemical levels can lead to ear and eye infections and, in extreme cases, e-coli poisoning or digestive issues.

Monitoring Your Filtration System: There are a million ways that debris can make its way into your pool system. Once inside, lighter items like leaves will rot and break apart, becoming smaller and more difficult to remove. Unwanted items will fill up skimmer baskets and can create clogs or blockages in filtration systems. Clogs limit the flow of water throughout lines and force systems to work harder. This strain means added wear and tear and will eventually lead to the need for premature repairs and replacements. Regularly changing out sand or cartridge filters as needed will help to increase output and reduce utility bills.

Visual Inspections of Structures: It is easy to overlook small issues with structures but these won’t stay small for long! Even a small tear in a liner will grow, spreading over time and allowing water to seep inside, creating big problems later on. Freezing water can make plastic brittle and lead to small cracks or breaks over the course of the winter. Having a trained eye inspect your pool systems can help to point out existing issues or potential problems before they become disasters.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results For Pool Care at Home

Puddle Pool services isn’t your average pool cleaner! Our team of highly trained technicians are able to care for pools, hot tubs and water features in both indoor and outdoor environments. Enlisting an expert for your pool cleaning and maintenance services prevents algae growth, improves the look of pool services and gets the full life out of your equipment and components.

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Dmitry Jonson
5 out of 5

That was such a great experience working with Puddle Pool Services manager Mark. He was professional and explained me all the treatments our pool needed. Their tech guy Jamie - showed up on time and cleaned our pool. I recommend that company.

ajay aujla
5 out of 5

Called in to see if they could come get the pool ready for the kids, Mark was great, sent over Michael, who by the way did a great job. He was fast and cleaned up very nicely. Highly recommend these guys!

Kush and Shatter
5 out of 5

Jamie was extremely helpful and straight forward with the service. He walked me through the process in an easy to follow way. 10/10 service. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to everyone considering using Puddle Pool Service!

Paloma Guimarães
5 out of 5

I had a great experience with Puddle Pool Services. I arranged all the details with the manager Mark for filter cleaning and water treatment. The technician Lilly did an amazing job!

Teacher Thaís
5 out of 5

I had an amazing experience with Puddle Pool Services. Their manager Mark was very patient explaning everything that my pool needed and they solved very quickly. I really recommend this company!

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