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Pools and spas are hugely beneficial for health and relaxation. If a bit of “R & R” is your main goal, cleaning and maintenance can get in the way. If you are feeling overwhelmed, pass the hard work onto a Puddle Pools specialist! Kick back and enjoy your backyard while our experts Cannonball into Clean with our Coquitlam hot tub cleaning.

Instead of sticking to homes alone, our Puddle crews have all the tools and knowledge to treat residential, communal and commercial water features. From scrubbing walls to balancing sanitizer levels and cleaning hot tub filters, there is nothing that we can’t handle!

What is Floating Around Your Hot Tub?

Every hot tub owner knows that whether indoors or outside, a tub or spa is a huge selling feature. When properly cared for, these appliances can boost curb appeal and add value to a property but these benefits also come along with a lot of maintenance and hot tub care.

Despite the idea that spas are meant for relaxing, knowing what is floating around in hot tub water is enough to give anyone anxiety. As much as you might try to keep foreign items out of your water system, every time even a toe is dipped in, so are unwanted materials. Everything from skin cells and oils, body lotions or sunscreens leaves residue behind.

If left alone, these oils and body products can clog up circulation systems. It is simple enough to skim water surfaces but keeping your filter cleaner, means a long-lasting and smooth running system. Inspecting spa filters and skimmer baskets can help to keep water clean and help in getting the full life span out of your materials.

The Ins & Outs of Hot Tub Maintenance

Caring for a water feature is not a “one and done” chore but is instead a multi-step process. There are quick cleans and and in-depth ones. The difference between these is that one can be done as a spot clean when the tub is still full and the other means draining your hot tub. The wrong technique or cleaning products can strip away protective coatings or finishes and can even cause expensive damage.

More than physically scrubbing at problem areas, maintaining water balance is key to a successful system. In the wrong quantities, hot tub chemicals like chlorine or bromine can cause skin irritations and other negative side effects. Proper care for a spa means cleaning off shells but it also means inspection and assessment of hot tub covers, pumps and any other hardware present.

Puddle Services

Instead of fumbling with a garden hose or basic test kit from a department store, call a Puddle specialist to help keep a clean environment while preserving water chemistry. In order to bring our clients the best results possible, Puddle specialists have created routine maintenance schedules to accommodate your needs. If you have are the owner or manager of a multi-unit property, it can be a big responsibility to keep your hot tub clean.

Maintaining a relaxing environment for tenants or visitors requires constant vigilance that you just don’t have time for. This is why our Puddle specialists are happy to create a schedule that fits your needs. With weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service options, there is a Coquitlam hot tub cleaning for everyone. Call today to book an appointment for your Coquitlam hot tub cleaning, and have your system looking better than ever in no time at all.

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Dmitry Jonson
5 out of 5

That was such a great experience working with Puddle Pool Services manager Mark. He was professional and explained me all the treatments our pool needed. Their tech guy Jamie - showed up on time and cleaned our pool. I recommend that company.

ajay aujla
5 out of 5

Called in to see if they could come get the pool ready for the kids, Mark was great, sent over Michael, who by the way did a great job. He was fast and cleaned up very nicely. Highly recommend these guys!

Kush and Shatter
5 out of 5

Jamie was extremely helpful and straight forward with the service. He walked me through the process in an easy to follow way. 10/10 service. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to everyone considering using Puddle Pool Service!

Paloma Guimarães
5 out of 5

I had a great experience with Puddle Pool Services. I arranged all the details with the manager Mark for filter cleaning and water treatment. The technician Lilly did an amazing job!

Teacher Thaís
5 out of 5

I had an amazing experience with Puddle Pool Services. Their manager Mark was very patient explaning everything that my pool needed and they solved very quickly. I really recommend this company!

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