Coquitlam Pool Cleaning

There is nothing better than taking a quick dip on a hot day – but you aren’t going to do this in an outdoor pond. Without regular cleaning, it will not take long for your water features to be taken over by floating debris and maybe even algae. Instead of letting swimming pools turn into swamps, call a professional for your Coquitlam pool cleaning.

Across Metro Vancouver B.C., property owners are boosting their curb appealing by adding a pool and spa but installation is just the beginning. Proper cleaning and maintenance means skimming surfaces, scrubbing sides, balancing chemicals and sanitizers and monitoring your pump, baskets and filters. If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is – but our Puddle specialists have got your back!

The Importance Of Proper Pool and Spa Maintenance

In British Columbia, the area around your property is constantly changing. From strong winds to heavy rain, there is always something leaving its mark – usually leaves! Falling leaves might be nice to look at but they are not pleasant to have floating on your pool surfaces. In fact, these can sink and stain liners.

By making brushing and scrubbing a part of your regular routine, you can prevent staining, unwanted growth and unnecessary damage. Physical cleaning is great but it is also important to balance water chemicals and sanitizers as well. With every person that enters your water. there are skin oils, lotions and hair products that are being released into your system.

Proper hygiene is important but balancing pool chemicals can be a complicated process. Even a slight imbalance can sting your eyes or irritate your skin, making for an uncomfortable day. Don’t bother juggling your already busy schedule with tedious pool maintenance when our Puddle specialists are available for your Coquitlam pool cleaning.

Regular inspections and cleaning can also help with early leak detection and can aid in preventing unnecessary liner replacements. In addition to caring for pools and hot tubs alone, our Puddle specialists monitor pool equipment as well. Whether fresh water or salt water, a residential pool or commercial space, there is nothing that our highly-trained teams can’t handle!

Coquitlam Pool Cleaning: How We Work

When you call Puddle Pool Services, you are committing to a safe and effective Coquitlam pool cleaning. Choosing the wrong methods for your cleaning can damage the lining or tiles of your pool. Your system only works when you work for it – or when you have our Puddle Pool Specialists working for it!

In order to best serve our clients, Puddle crews offer maintenance services on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedule. Call today to book an appointment for your Coquitlam pool cleaning service.

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