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Coquitlam Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Pool care is a year-round chore but it can also be a seasonal nightmare. Maintaining your pool means regular cleaning but it also means maintaining circulation systems, inspecting filters and preventing any unnecessary damage. Daily vigilance is the key to a successful water feature but  professional Coquitlam seasonal pool maintenance covers all issues, large and small.

When it comes time to open your pool for the summer or close down for the winter, there is a large list of tasks that need to be completed in order to preserve your fixtures. Closing down your pool for the winter season can be a lot of work – and a bit of a bummer! – so why not have someone do it for you? No one knows how to handle your pool openings or closings like our Puddle specialists, so call us for your Coquitlam seasonal pool maintenance.

Seasonal Pool Services: Calm Closing

When the winter season begins to rear its ugly head, it is easy for pool owners to get caught up in prep and planning. Unfortunately your pool or hot tub requires a lot of attention that you are not able to give. This means necessary tasks might get pushed back by a number of days or even weeks, opening the door for possible damage.

A proper cleaning means draining swimming pool water to safe levels, as well as keeping a safe chlorine level and maintaining pool equipment. Imbalanced sanitizers and chemicals can lead to damage on everything from ladders to lights and hardware that rests underwater. Lowering water levels also accounts for pool covers, and to accommodate expansion from freezing and thawing of the water.

It is also important to protect the remaining water from algae and invasive growth. Applying algae fighters to the remaining water can help keep your pool in fighting shape through the season and into the summer.

Avoid Awful Openings

For most property owners, there is a constant countdown until you are able to get your pool opened and running. Having a safe and inviting pool in the summer all depends on a proper closing during the Fall and a proper opening in spring. Despite using algae blockers and chemicals to keep bacteria at bay, a proper opening requires a cleaning as well.

A proper inspection upon opening can maintain the integrity of your pool for long periods, as well as providing a safe and fun environment. Your Coquitlam seasonal pool maintenance does not need to be an added chore, taking time away from enjoying your pool!

When it comes to seasonal maintenance, a full service package is designed to protect every aspect of your water feature. From shock treatments to regular pool cleaning, Puddle specialists can handle it all. Don’t waste time struggling with pool covers, chemicals, or draining when you can Cannonball Into Clean with a Puddle Pools expert today. Whether it is your residential pool or a communal space, our Puddle Crews have you covered.

Coquitlam Seasonal Pool Maintenance

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