Angus Water Feature Maintenance

A water fountain can help your property stand out — but it should be for the right reasons! A great water feature adds character to both outdoor and indoor spaces but when these are not maintained they can create bad visuals, foul smells and headaches for property owners. When you want to keep water clean, prevent algae growth and keep things running smoothly, call a Puddle Pro for your Angus water feature maintenance.

Cleaning a fountain is not as simple as scrubbing out a bathtub or sink. While you might be able to use harsh cleaners and techniques on some areas off our home, your water feature isn’t one of them! Hiring an expert for your water fountain care means getting great results for structures, water condition and the internal systems that keep water flowing.

Water Fountain Cleaning: What to Know

There are plenty of types of water features on the market, some of which are geared toward indoor spaces and others, usually larger ones, that are meant to be outside. With an outdoor water fountain, your water and structures are up against the same obstacles and contaminants as a pool, but they do not get the same level of attention. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, a garden fountain can quickly become overrun with algae growth, white mould or other unexpected issues.

Keeping a fountain running smoothly means cleaning out the obvious, visible areas, as well as the internal components that keep it moving. You might not think to clean the pump regularly but keeping these areas free of clogs and blockages is an important part of water feature care. Outdoor fountain pumps are susceptible to blockages and even breakage. If your circulation system is struggling, it uses more energy to circulate water and this drives up utility bills and puts added strain on components.

Even if you clean your fountain regularly, there will come a point when a deep cleaning is necessary. When you want to replace the water in your fountain, it is important to carry out a proper draining first. You can’t just pull a plug on your fountain and let the water drain out. An influx of water can drown lawns, seep into sensitive areas, causing water damage, rot and mold.

As winter settles in, cold snaps can cause water inside fountains to freeze. This makes plastic components brittle and causes water to expand by up to 9%. Even a small expansion can cause pipes to burst, leading to serious damage and the need for costly repairs and replacements. When you want to protect your water feature over the cold season, it is a good idea to drop the water level and apply a fountain cover to keep could air out.

Puddle Pool Services: The Benefits of Professional Water Feature Cleaning

The larger the fountain, the more difficult it is to clean. Luckily, there are highly trained Puddle technicians in your area who are fully trained, highly experienced and equipped with the top tools and safety equipment. Each member of the team is also fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as great results.

By using speciality tools instead of hard wire brushes and harsh chemicals, protective coatings are maintained and, in the case of weakened areas, does not cause damage. Maintaining water condition also protects visuals and prevents foul smells, as well as protecting individuals from coming into contact with contaminated water. Whether you are looking to maintain a fountain indoors or outside, call a Puddle Pro today for the best possible results.

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