Angus Pool Leak Detection

Nothing can put a wrench in your pool maintenance program like a leak! A pool leak often doesn’t happen all at once but starts out small and becomes worse over time. A swimming pool will hold thousands of litres of water at a time, so any leak is a major problem. Even a pinhole leak can mean losing litres and litres of water in a single day. Whenever your pool is leaking, that water has to go somewhere and it is never anywhere good! If you suspect you are losing water, call a Puddle Pro for timely, efficient and affordable Angus pool leak detection.

Some of the major indicators that you are dealing with water leaks are reduced water levels, increased utility and water bills, as well as daily running costs. Higher daily expenses are a problem for both residential and commercial swimming pools throughout the Angus area. Luckily, Puddle has pool leak detection experts on staff to service swim spaces of all shapes, sizes and styles, in any property type.

Leak Detection in Pools: How to Identify & Isolate Leaks

There is a big difference between identifying if you are dealing with a leak or not and having to locate the leak. Part of what makes leak detection such a complicated process is that there are many moving parts that keep them going. When you need to find a leak, it means examining the pool liner, plumbing and return lines, as well as structures. Many of these areas aren’t visible to the naked eye but they do leave clues behind!

How to Spot a Leak: The first major indicator that you are dealing with a leak is visible water loss. It is a good idea to mark where pool water is sitting and keep an eye on it over a couple of days to determine how much water loss you are dealing with. Now, this isn’t a fool-proof system as there are plenty of ways that your pool can lose water. High heats cause evaporation and high traffic means bodies carry water out of basins every time they get in or out of the water. If you can’t rely on measurements, try a bucket test. These tests consist of taking a bucket of pool water and setting it next to the poolside. The rate of evaporation should be the same in each as long as they are left in the same conditions. If pool water becomes significantly lower, you are dealing with a leak.

Even after you diagnose your water loss, you still have to locate the leak! In an above ground pool leaks can often be spotted visually but when dealing with inground models, it is much more complicated. A plumbing leak or root damage will lead to underground water loss, which can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Underground leaks shift soil and will put extra pressure on the structure of your pool, leading to potential cracks and breakage.

Leak Detection Services: How Puddle Pros Get Results

Water leak detection might not be a walk in the park but our expert technicians sure make it seem that way! From a leaky vinyl liner, root damage, corroded pipes and basic loosening, our team can track down and isolate problem areas so leak repairs can be organized.

The first step to any leak detection process is to figure out whether or not you are working with a plumbing leak or a structural leak. Each step of the process narrows down where leaks are located and helps to identify not just the symptom but the cause of your leak. By offering methods like dye tests and pressure testing, our experts can identify the affected area and begin to branch out from there.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced with leak detection in a variety of different systems, so nothing surprises our crews! In addition to tons of industry experience, Puddle technicians are fully insured to provide peace of mind as well as timely and efficient services.

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