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Swimming pools and hot tubs can add a lot of character to a property. As great as the visual appeal of a swim space might be, they can create real issues if they are not kept in good condition. Throughout Angus, pool inspections can help to protect homeowners and home buyers from dealing with disasters caused by damaged or failing water systems. Swimming pool inspections help to keep homeowners and property managers up to date on the condition of water systems and can also help when buying a home.

Having a trained eye inspect your pool and surrounding areas can help to pinpoint problem areas before they become large issues. Monitoring wear, tear and condition of swim spaces can also help to create a treatment plan and budget for upcoming repairs, replacements and updates. Whether you are experiencing issues, are trying to keep ahead of repair and maintenance or are considering buying a home with a pool, call a Puddle Pro for an in-depth look at your system.

The Perks of a Level I Pool Inspection

For pool owners, inspections provide peace of mind. Depending on the type of inspection that you choose, these can be used for planning, construction, insurance and permitting, but they do not cover functionality. Pool foundations are hugely important but they won’t do much good if water systems are broken. A Level I Pool Inspection focuses on functionality, as well as condition of the pool components, water condition and mechanisms, and identifying safety issues.

Unlike the average home inspector who focuses on foundations, roofing and electrical components indoors, a pool inspector will check, assess and test water systems for swimming pools in residential and commercial areas.

Visual Inspections: There is a lot going on below the surface of pool water. It is easy to spot large issues like stains but smaller items often go unnoticed. Cloudy water or debris can disguise a small tear in a vinyl liner, which will become larger over time. Visual inspections can also provide insight into surrounding areas like pool decks, diving boards, and safety features A bit of insight can help pool owners identify issues and organize repairs before they become worse.

Testing: If water circulation systems, pumps and motors fail, pools will quickly start to look like swamps. Having to replace plumbing lines, pumps, heaters or other complicated components is expensive and delayed treatments can cause serious issues and damage. Professional pool services test water systems to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

A Level I Pool Inspection does not come with a written report and cannot be used for permitting or insurance purposes.

Pool Inspection Services: What to Expect From a Puddle Pro

Each Puddle technician is local to the Angus area, so we understand the obstacles that your swim space is facing on a daily basis. Local pros know which areas are prone to damage and how to assess wear and tear. In addition to pointing out problem areas, Puddle technicians can help to organize necessary repairs or routine cleaning programs that keep your water systems running. Highly experienced technicians, as well as fully insured services provide peace of mind and invaluable insights.

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