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As summer comes to an end, your pool might not get the same level of attention as it did at the height of summer. When the leaves begin to change it is easy to overlook your pool but cold temperatures mean big trouble for water systems. Professional Angus pool closing services protect water systems throughout the cold seasons, preventing damage and paving the way for an easier opening in spring.

Ontario is known for frigid winters that last for nearly half of the year. During this period, your swimming pool is at the mercy of the elements. It is great to have a skating rink nearby but this shouldn’t be your swimming pool! Having ice in a water system can lead to serious damage to pool equipment, plumbing lines and structures. From water treatments, winter covers, dropped water lines, filters and more, closing your pool has many moving parts — so leave it to the pros!

Seasonal Pool Care: The Best Way to Close Your Pool For Winter

When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is time to think about closing your pool. At this point, it is possible for cold snaps or an unexpected freeze to damage pool equipment and components. If you are looking to extend the swim season, it is possible to buy yourself some time by cranking heaters and leaving pools running, but eventually pools will need to be closed down.

Protecting Pool Equipment: It takes prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures for an entire swimming pool to freeze over but for smaller amounts of water, it does not take much. If there is water in return lines, pool pumps or other sensitive areas, there is a chance that it will freeze. Freezing temperatures make plastic brittle and frozen water expands, putting strain on pipes and even leading to bursting. By dropping the water level and winterizing drain plugs, it is possible to prevent water from reaching vulnerable areas where it might cause damage.

Preventative Water Treatments: Water chemistry is a prime focus during the swim season but as a pool is used less and less, chances are that your chemical balance is off. Even if you are not swimming in the water, it is better to take preventative measures when closing. An additional shock or algaecide application before closing can reduce the growth rate of algae throughout the cold season.

Visual Inspections: As water freezes and expands, it puts pressure on internal components, as well as liners. Visual inspections of vulnerable areas before closing can help to point out problem areas before closings and offering solutions, reducing unnecessary strain and the risk of damage.

Check Your Filters: Leaving debris inside skimmer baskets over the course of winter can lead to rot, mold, algae and other contaminations. Emptying these out will prevent bacteria from taking over. It is also important to inspect cartridge filters to determine whether or not they need to be cleaned, or in the case of sand filters, whether the sand needs to be changed out.

Puddle Pool Services: Reliable Pool Closing Throughout Angus Ontario

With years of industry experience under our belts, Puddle technicians are able to provide in-depth pool closing services that cater to the unique needs of your space, as well as the surrounding areas. Treating an in-ground pool for the winter months is different from preparing an above ground pool, which requires the installation of water bags to avoid freezing.

By offering a variety of treatment options, from routine cleaning, or an opening and closing, our team of highly trained technicians can take care of your pool, no matter the time of year. For the best in seasonal pool maintenance, call a Puddle technician for excellent results, great customer service and an accessible price point.

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