Waterloo Water Feature Maintenance

Water features are great additions to any property but keeping them running smoothly takes a lot of hard work. An outdoor or garden fountain is constantly left to the mercy of the elements and that means having to deal with a ton of algae growth and debris. Instead of learning to live with cloudy or green water, or having to fix unnecessary damage, call a local Puddle Pro. Professional Waterloo water feature maintenance keeps indoor and outdoor fountains running smoothly and water crystal clear. 

An outdoor fountain is up against the elements in the same way that a pool or hot tub is, but they don’t get the same level of attention. Just because you aren’t supposed to swim in a fountain doesn’t mean that contaminated water isn’t a major problem. All it takes is one kid sticking their hand into contaminated water to result in a serious liability issue, so don’t take the risk! Whether you want to treat your fountain regularly with a scheduled cleaning program or are looking for single services or deep cleans, there is a local technician nearby! 

What Makes Water Fountain Care So Tricky? 

Keeping water clean is a major part of water feature care but it isn’t the only aspect to consider.  When you are hoping to improve the look and functionality of your water features it is important to clean your fountain regularly as well as performing deep cleans/seasonal treatments. Water fountains are durable and built to be tough but over time they will start to wear down if they aren’t maintained. 

No matter the type of water fountain that you are dealing with, features are prone to algae growth, mineral deposits and a whole lot of debris, particularly when outside. Outdoor water fountains come in all shapes and sizes and some of these are easier to clean than others. Large fountains might mean needing to wade in to reach leaves and unwanted items, while others have multiple tiers that are tough to reach. Removing debris from these areas means getting up on a ladder or stepping up onto slippery surfaces, which can quickly result in slips, falls and serious injury. 

As if dealing with surfaces wasn’t difficult enough, a big part of cleaning and care belongs to the internal water systems that keep your fountain moving. When managing an indoor fountain plumbing lines, pumps and filters are often found behind panels and in surrounding areas. Outdoor fountain pumps can often be found in nearby sheds or storage boxes, or even buried in the ground nearby. 

In order to keep your fountain cleaner it is important to make deep cleans a part of your annual maintenance routine. If you start to notice algae, white scale, mildew or mineral deposits a bit of mild soap and a scrub brush aren’t enough to get results. Instead, have an expert apply a multi-part chemical treatment that flows through water systems and lines loosening buildup and pulling it into fountain water. It is then time to drain the water from the fountain. Concrete surfaces can be acid washed or liners can be scrubbed to remove discolouration. Water levels can then be restored and water can be chemically treated and balanced. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Water Fountain Cleaning For Homes & Businesses 

Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your fountain, ditch the test strips and call a local expert instead. With years of experience under their belts Puddle technicians are able to treat fountains of all shapes and sizes, indoors and outside. By offering options for service calls and deep cleans or routine cleaning there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro to book your water feature cleaning. 

In addition to excellent results, Puddle crews provide peace of mind with fully insured services and transparent pricing. When you call Puddle you always know what you’re paying for and will never be surprised by a higher than expected bill. With options for booking your services online or over the phone there is never a bad time to book your treatments and have your fountains looking better than ever. Whether you are looking for a routine cleaning program at home or are hoping to boost curb appeal before an open house, our team of Puddle experts can handle it all! 

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