Waterloo Pool Closing

When summer sunshine gives way to the chilly first days of fall, it is time to start thinking about your swimming pool. Who thinks about swimming in the fall? Well, no one and that’s the problem. As it starts to get cold your pool gets less and less attention and it becomes easy to forget about closing your systems for the off-season. If swimming pools are left out in the cold you can expect frozen water, damage and a huge headache when it is time to open up again in spring. Professional Waterloo pool closing services protect your water systems from harsh winter weather so you can enjoy it again when the swim season comes back around again. 

Every year pool owners find themselves scouring the internet for tips for fall pool maintenance but not all of these are effective. Taking a cleaning plan off of Pinterest might seem like a good idea but every water system is created differently and applying standard cleaning practices might not work for your space. Instead of struggling through trial and error, call an expert to create an efficient and affordable program that meets the needs of your space. 

Fall Pool Care: How & When to Close Your Swim Space 

Traditionally, pool owners stop using outdoor pools following the September long weekend, while indoor pools can be enjoyed all year long. While closing after the long weekend might seem like a good rule of thumb, it isn’t always the opportune time. Closing too early can lead to missing out on the last warm days of the swim season and can encourage algae growth, while waiting too long can lead to unexpected damage caused by cold weather. The best time to close your pool is when the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees. 

Everyone loves a skating rink during the winter months but your swimming pool shouldn’t look like one. Sub-zero temperatures make plastic components brittle and frozen water expands up to 9%. On its own this isn’t a huge issue but when it is in pipes or return lines it can cause them to burst. There is never a good time for a pipe to burst but it is exceptionally bad in the winter. In order to avoid this it is a good idea to drop the water level in a pool so it falls below the skimmer line. Winterizing drain plugs is another way to prevent water from seeping into sensitive areas where it might freeze and cause damage. 

Before you try to drain the water from your pool all on your own, consider how risky this can be. Improper draining can redirect large amounts of chemically treated water into your yard, ruining your landscaping or can send it toward foundations and other vulnerable parts of your home where it can flood basements or damage materials. 

Water chemistry is often a key focus of pool care at the height of summer but becomes less of a focus when a pool is not in use. When you want to properly winterize your pool, balancing pool chemicals and applying specialized seasonal water treatments is key to preventing algae growth and freezing throughout the off season. 

There is a big difference between closing an inground pool and an above ground pool. While these swim spaces have different seasonal needs they do have many of the same working parts. Caring for a pool pump or pool filter is necessary no matter your type of swim space that you are dealing with. 

Unlike a standard pool cleaning that focuses on removing leaves and debris and balancing water, seasonal care is designed to treat the surfaces and internal systems that keep your pool running. When you want to protect your pool during the winter and make it easier to open your pool in spring, trust a Puddle Pro for all of your seasonal care needs. 

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