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Whether at home or in a commercial space proper pool maintenance can feel like a full time job. Missing just one chemical treatment can result in cloudy water, discolouration and even algae. If you don’t have the time, energy or technical skill to keep up with a demanding swim space, have a Puddle technician do it for you! When you are in the market for expert Waterloo pool cleaning services, look no further than your local Puddle technician for the best results. 

It is easy to get caught up focusing on water condition but proper pool care is a multi-step approach that involves removing debris, cleaning fillers, scrubbing sides, emptying skimmer baskets, monitoring internal water systems and a whole lot of chemical balancing. If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is! Instead of struggling to keep up with your swimming pool, call a Puddle technician to handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Routine Care Programs: Keep Your Pool Cleaner, Longer 

With plenty of pool supply stores throughout the Waterloo area, it is easy to stock up on testing kits and supplies but putting these to use is easier said than done. Whether you have installed a new swimming pool or are taking over an existing one, it is always an investment. You don’t want to spend a ton of money collecting chemicals and equipment only to end up with subpar results. 

When it comes to maintaining a pool, consistency is key! It can be tough to keep up with a cleaning routine and that is why a scheduled routine cleaning program is the secret weapon of every pool owner in the Waterloo area. Every swim space has its own set of unique needs and that is why Puddle technicians create customized treatment plans according to the needs of your space, the age and condition of the pool itself and the surrounding area. 

Water Balancing: Pool water chemistry is just that, chemistry. There are many contributing factors that all play a role in the overall condition of your swim space. In order to maintain a sanitary swimming pool it is important to test and balance chlorine levels, pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Remove Debris: As important as clean water is, getting rid of debris and unwanted items is key to limiting potential contaminants as well as boosting curb appeal. When you skim the surface of pool water there is an instant visual improvement but it also helps to prevent clogs from forming in pool filters and skimmer baskets. When it comes to removing debris from the bottom of the pool an automatic pool vacuum isn’t able to reach into tight angles or corners. This means needing speciality items like manual vacuums and speciality brushes that can help to remove residue that has built up around the water line. 

Keeping Up With Circulation & Filtration Systems: The goal of a pool filter is to trap and hold small bits and pieces while allowing filtered water to pass through back into the basin. If filters are clogged water has to work harder to pass through, using more energy and putting strain on internal water systems. A cartridge filter should be removed, cleaned and reinstalled ever 3-4 months while a sand filter should be emptied and refilled with clean sand every 3-5 years. Stagnant water is dirty water so it is important to regularly inspect the pool pump to ensure that chemically treated water is still being dispersed throughout the pool basin. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Results in Waterloo 

When you start to notice that your pool water is looking a little worse for the wear, shocking the pool might clear away a bit of cloudiness but that doesn’t mean that your water is sanitary. If you want the best results for your pool cleaning, ditch the test strips and call an expert instead. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured for peace of mind that you are getting the best results, done safely. 

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