Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance

A hot tub is a great addition to any home or workplace. In addition to increasing enjoyment, a spa can help to boost curb appeal and add value to a property but you can’t have all of these perks without a bit of hard work. Keeping any swim space clean requires regular water treatments, debris removal, filter cleaning and more. If this sounds like a lot to keep up with, just call a local Puddle Pro to lighten the load for you. Expert Waterloo hot tub maintenance keeps water crystal clear and systems running smoothly, all at an affordable rate. 

Cleaning your hot tub is not a one-step process but means having to address all of the different areas of your water system, inside and out. Unlike a basic bathtub you can’t just pull the plug and drain water out after every use. In fact, just trying to drain the hot tub can result in drowned lawns and serious damage. Instead of taking a risk on amateur treatments only to end up with a DIY disaster, let a professional handle your tub instead. 

Proper Hot Tub Care: Regular Cleanings & System Refreshes 

Soaking in a hot tub at the end of a long day can soothe sore muscles and be a great place to kick back and relax but just because you’ve got warm water doesn’t mean that it is clean. You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bathwater so why would you step foot into a dirty hot tub? In order to combat cloudy water and contaminants the Puddle team has broken cleaning programs down into multiple steps each of which address a different aspect of your spa’s overall condition. 

Maintaining Water Chemistry: Warm, damp and covered environments are the ideal place for bacteria to thrive and that means spa water. Without regular chemical treatments and balancing you can expect discolouration, cloudiness, algae and mold. Test strips will often point out an imbalance in sanitizer levels but will overlook necessary issues like pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Keeping Up With Filters: When it comes to your spa filter, cleaner is always better. The goal of any filter is to trap and hold unwanted items while allowing filtered water to pass through back into pool basins. It is important to clean the hot tub filters regularly to avoid blockages. If your system is clogged it is harder for water to pass through and this means using more energy and higher utility bills. A filter cartridge should be removed, cleaned and reinstalled regularly to avoid clogs. 

Deep Cleans: Even with regular cleanings deep cleans and system refreshes are necessary. A hot tub refresh should be done at least once a year but it is better to do it twice per year, once in spring and once in fall. This process involves applying a combination of specialized hot tub cleaners that run through internal water systems, pulling out built up debris, gunk and mold that has formed inside return lines. Unwanted items are then pushed into the main basin and it is then time to drain out hot tub water. It might be simple to drain and clean a bathtub but a hot tub is very difficult. An improper draining can lead to drowned lawns, flooded structures, softened materials, rot and mold. Once empty, shells, jets and headrests are scrubbed clean and can be refilled with a garden hose. Technicians then return for a final water balancing. 

A deep clean might help to improve the condition of your water systems and the internal parts of your shell but what about the exteriors? Ask a Puddle technician about our optional Full Shampoo service. This service involves using speciality cleaners on the exterior areas of your tub, including sides, shells and spa covers. 

Puddle Pools: Expert Hot Tub Cleaning in Waterloo 

Before you reach for a basic test kit or scrub brush, consult an expert about the needs of your hot tub and the best way to maintain a sanitary swim space. Being able to balance hot tub chemicals is great but using the wrong tool or harsh chemicals can result in damage of protective coatings or structural damage. Avoid a DIY disaster by calling a Puddle Pro today. 

Puddle crews are all local to the Waterloo area, so we understand what your swimming pools and spas are up against. Whether you are looking to start a cleaning program with a new hot tub, are hoping to upgrade the condition of an existing spa or are just sick of spending your free time cleaning, have a Puddle Pro handle it for you! 

In addition to being highly trained and experienced Puddle teams are fully insured for peace of mind. By offering a wide variety of service options, as well as affordable rates and transparent pricing so you are never surprised. 

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