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When the swim season hits there is no better way to spend the days than poolside. Having an accessible swim space right at home is great but it comes along with a lot of hard work. It is easy to spend your leisure time skimming, scrubbing and water balancing when you should be splashing around instead! If you are having a hard time keeping up with your swim space or just don’t want it eating up your time, call Puddle for your Waterloo residential pool services. Puddle technicians are able to create a customized treatment plan that caters to the needs of your unique swimming pools, both indoors and outside. 

In a commercial space there are whole teams committed to keeping swimming pools clean but when it comes to pool care at home, you’re on your own! As a pool owner you are fully responsible for anyone that steps foot inside and for the overall condition of the swim space itself. Cleaning your pool is not a one-step approach but means breaking the process down into multiple steps each of which address a different aspect of your water systems. 

Residential Pool Care: A Multi-Step Approach 

When it comes to managing a swim space, shocking the pool isn’t enough to manage water chemistry. In fact, a swimming pool depends on a system of different parts each of which have to work together to keep your water systems clean and running smoothly. It is easy to get caught up trying to balance chlorine levels and forget about key factors like pool filters. In order to get the best results, our Puddle technicians have broken the cleaning process down into a series of steps that keep your system looking its best, keep running costs down and prolongs the lifespan of your equipment and the pool as a whole. 

Water Chemistry: Clean water is the main focus of any pool owner, and it should be! A simple testing kit might help to address sanitizer levels but they don’t always focus on all the elements of what makes water sanitary. Imbalanced water is prone to contamination and contaminated water means health risks. Stepping into dirty water can lead to recreational water illnesses like skin irritations, eye and ear infections, digestive issues and, in extreme cases, e-coli poisoning. Proper application of pool chemicals mean a sanitary swim space for friends, family, tenants and guests. Proper pool balancing means monitoring chlorine levels, pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. In addition to keeping swimmers safe, proper chemical balancing will help to limit algae growth, keeping your pool cleaner, over a longer period. 

Debris Removal: Anyone can grab a skimmer to remove unwanted items that are floating along water surfaces but this is not the only kind of debris that property owners are stuck dealing with. Lighter items will float along water surfaces and will either a) make their way into skimmer baskets, potentially causing clogs; or, b) rot and break apart into small pieces, potentially clogging up filters. In order to remove debris completely it is important to skim surfaces, vacuum the bottom of the pool and empty the skimmer baskets. 

Circulation & Filtration Systems: Keeping a pool in great shape means having to clean the filter regularly, as well as inspecting the key components that keep water systems moving. The goal of a pool filter is to trap and hold unwanted items while letting filtered water pass through and back into the basin. Over time filters will become clogged up and it will become difficult for water to pass through. This means it will take more energy to push water through filters, raising your energy bills and putting added strain on water systems and internal components that will cause them to break down sooner. It is a lot easier to clean the filter than it is to replace a pool pump. A cartridge filter should be removed, cleaned and reinstalled every 3-4 months while a sand filter should be emptied and refilled with fresh sand every 3-5 years.

Seasonal Treatments: If you think keeping up with a swimming pool during summer is tough, seasonal care is even more difficult. Basic test strips can’t help you to prepare for winter weather or restore water condition in spring. Protecting your pool from the cold means dropping water levels and applying a specialized chemical program while opening up means deep cleaning and intense water treatments and a whole lot of heavy scrubbing. When you want to avoid damage and still make the most out of the swim season, just call a local Puddle Pro. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Services All Across Waterloo 

At Puddle we understand that you have plenty of options for pool care across Waterloo and the surrounding areas but we set ourselves apart from the competition with our great results and customer service — not to mention the bright branding! With bright colours and our cheery mascot, you will never lose a Puddle technician in a crowd, but that isn’t what keeps our customers coming back! 

Instead of offering a blanket cleaning program, Puddle technicians create a customized plan that caters to the unique needs of your property. Everything from the climate, type of plant life in surrounding areas, growth rates and level of traffic will play a role in the overall condition of your swim space. A local expert understands what your pool structures are up against and knows how to pivot a treatment plan to combat common obstacles. By offering options for routine care programs, service calls, seasonal treatments, system refreshes, pool inspections and pool leak detection services, Puddle is your one-stop shop for pool care. 

In addition to great results Puddle Pool Services offer peace of mind with fully insured staff and services, as well as affordable rates. By offering affordable services and transparent pricing you will never be surprised by your bill. With options for booking online and by phone, you can reach out to a Puddle technician 24 hours a day. 

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