Summerland Water Feature Maintenance

Summerland is full of natural beauty. From lush greenery to lakeside retreats, the elements are on full display – both inside and out. An outdoor water fountain looks great around a garden or a golf course but when you want to bring running water indoors, it takes a lot of effort to keep fountains running! In a mall, hotel or convention centre, no fountain is too large for the Puddle Pool Pros and our Summerland water feature maintenance.

Cleaning an Indoor Fountain vs. Garden Fountains

There is no question that there is a big difference between caring for a water feature indoors and outside. In addition to looking great, outdoor fountain pumps can help, not only to keep water flowing in a decorative sense and can help power irrigation systems, designed to reach areas that might otherwise be difficult. This on its own should set the stage for just how important a circulation system can be.

In an outdoor environment, fountain maintenance means having to deal with organic debris and natural materials but that does not mean that indoor spaces are any easier to care for. Even without the threat of fallen leaves or animal contact, indoor spaces are at the mercy of everything around them. From discolouration to algae, to pennies and trash, there is a lot going on just below the surface of your water. 

On one hand, interior fountains will have a lower traffic rate but this often leads to a bit of neglect. In swimming pools, maintaining water balance is the key to a safe swimming area but proper water chemistry and care is necessary for fountains, as well. Failing to keep up with care can lead to white scale and mineral deposits, not only looking awful, but building up and restricted functionality.

Calling the Pros: Puddle Water Fountain Care

Whether you have a wall fountain or a stand-alone feature, care and maintenance are hard to keep up with, particularly with a busy schedule. When you want to keep your system running smoothly, it requires constant vigilance, which not everyone has time for – so leave the heavy lifting to the pros.

After years in the industry, our team of Puddle Pool experts are able to service fountains from the ground, up. By creating treatment plans according to the unique needs of your feature, our Puddle Pool experts can treat everything from tiles to liners and even stainless steel. In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, our crews can work to maintain water levels, cover the fountain and even clean the pump for your system.

Fully insured staff are able to provide excellent results, keep your system running and earn some peace of mind. Our team offers regularly scheduled care and cleanings or emergency call-outs designed to renew a space after it has been sitting a while.

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