Summerland Seasonal Pool Maintenance

In the middle of winter months, it can be difficult to imagine backstroking through the sunshine, but before you know it, it will be time for your pool opening. More than just a basic clean, opening and closing swimming pools requires a multi-step approach that can be difficult to keep up with, without the proper knowledge and technique. Call a Puddle Pool Pro for your Summerland seasonal pool maintenance.

Whether you are looking to manage a private pool in your backyard, or a communal space around a multi-unit property or hotel, safety is always key. Proper care of any pool, hot tub or water feature not only protects those that come in contact with your water, but it can protect your space, as well.

The Best Result For Your Seasonal Pool Care

More than just a simple shell or structure, your pool is made up of many moving parts. From the pool cover to diving boards and skimmer baskets, there is a lot to keep track of. Skimming of surfaces is one thing but the heart and soul of your pool is its circulation system. Pool filters not only help to regulate bacteria but also helps to disperse chemicals and keep water moving.

A Successful Pool Opening: When warm weather hits, it is difficult to be patient for a swim. You might be quick to remove the cover off of your water feature but you absolutely should not jump in. If water has been sitting stagnant, it is likely harbouring a lot of bacteria and debris. Before anyone dips a toe into your water, it is important to treat water, inspect for algae and scrub sides to eliminate any debris that might have collected over stagnant months.

A Successful Pool Closing: As water freezes and thaws and freezes again, the surrounding areas expand and contract, which can lead to potential damage. Taking the time to drop the water level can help to protect your pool. Even with dropped water levels, the remaining water is prone to forming bacteria, so it is important to apply a shock treatment before closing down for the season.

Puddle Pool Pros: Getting the Best Results

No matter whether you are dealing with an in-ground or an above ground pool, professional pool and hot tub care can help to get the best results possible for your feature. From balancing sanitizers or chlorine levels, to scrubbing algae and skimming surfaces, there is nothing that our crews can’t handle.

While it is possible to head out to a pool supply store for a test kit or strips, these tools do not teach you how to clean a filter or monitor a pressure gauge. Local pool cleaning experts are able to create scheduled cleanings, seasonal maintenance and emergency call outs. With online access 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time to contact a Puddle Pro.

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