Summerland Hot Tub Maintenance

On a warm night, nothing beats soaking in a hot tub under the stars. A spa or hot tub can be a great place for property owners to kick back and relax, as well as a huge draw for tenants, customers and guests. As with any complex water feature, taking care of these appliances is a complicated process but hiring Puddle for your Summerland hot tub maintenance can take that weight off of your shoulders.

Maintaining water temperature is not the only thing that makes your swimming environment inviting. Keepings things hot is one thing but balancing water chemistry and keeping surfaces clean is another. From inspecting spa filters to motors and overall water condition, our team of experts are committed to keeping swimmers safe in both public and private spaces.

Expert Hot Tub Care: Keeping Your Water Clean

Warm, damp spaces are the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive, which makes it extremely important to care for your hot tub water. Dumping a sanitizer, like chlorine or bromine into your water is necessary but good chemistry means more than just that. When you want the best results for your space, it is important to consider all of the factors that impact the overall condition of your hot tub.

Traffic: Everyone loves a great water feature, and that includes pools and spas. With every body that steps foot into your spa water, there is a greater risk of contamination. Everything from hair, to sunscreen, body oils and hair products are dislodged into water. It is important to keep up with populations. Each of these items will wear down on sanitizers, meaning the need for reapplication.

Surrounding Plant Life: For those outdoor hot tubs, the surrounding area plays a big role in the overall condition of your water feature. The elements can be tough to predict and a light wind or heavy rain can dislodge organic debris from nearby areas, allowing it to fall onto water surfaces. Skimming floating debris is simple but if you don’t get to it in time, these materials can sink, sitting on shells and causing unsightly stains and introduce bacteria into your tub’s make up.

Filtration System: Hot tub filters are the heart and soul of your system. A fully functional circulation system spreads sanitizers and chemicals throughout your water, fighting bacteria and preventing harmful germs that lead to RWI (recreational water illness). Without in-depth knowledge of how these systems work, it can be difficult to see just what your system needs, so leave it to a professional.

Monitoring Equipment: In the same way that bodies can impact the chemical balance of your system, so can pool equipment and other additions to your space. A hot tub cover, for example, doesn’t seem like it can have contaminants but these can contribute to overall water condition. A mesh spa cover, for example, lets light in, which can contribute to bacteria and algae growth.

Seasonal Hot Tub Maintenance and Care

Hot tub cleaning is not only a seasonal chore, but there are certain extra tasks that need to be done when opening or closing your space. You might be quick to refill your hot tub when the weather starts to take a turn for the better but to have a safe opening, you have to close down in the right way. When closing down for winter, it is important to partially drain the hot tub, which can be dangerous on its own. One wrong move can lead to water damage, leaks and even flooding.

Choosing Puddle Pool Services: Getting the Best Results

It is easy to run to the local pool supply store for a basic hot tub cleaner and test strips but DIY practices won’t get the results that you need. When you choose a professional pool and hot tub service for your treatments, you can rest assured that you are getting the best results, done safely.

Whenever you are inspecting pool motors or performing a line flush, it is a good idea to cut power to the hot tub. Fully insured staff are able to offer clients helpful tips and tricks to keep your system running smoothly, all while protecting your property and our own safety. Call today for a free estimate.

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