Summerland Pool Cleaning

Weather in the Okanagan Valley can be temperamental. From cold snaps to heavy rainfall and rattling winds, there is a lot to keep up with. Each of these might send you running indoors for cover but your pool is always left out in the cold. Keeping your water features in great shape means constant care and our Puddle Pros can help with expert Summerland pool cleaning services!

The elements take a toll on your pool and hot hot tub but they aren’t the only thing! Everything from surrounding plant life, to amount of use and even taking a few days off from regular care can have a long-lasting impact on your pool and that is where regular maintenance comes in. Professional attention can help to create and maintain a safe swimming environment for guests, visitors and customers.

What Is Weighing On Your Pool?

When it comes to regular pool maintenance, water care often takes top priority. Letting water care lapse can have serious consequences both for swimmers and for your system overall. Caring for pool water means skimming debris off of surfaces but it also means treating water chemistry as a whole.

It is easy to visit a pool care centre to grab a testing kit and get a reading on your pool. In addition to monitoring chlorine levels, it is important to inspect pH levels and total alkalinity, as well. If these terms are new to you, don’t worry because you are not alone! Test strips are great but they do not give you all of the necessary information to balance water correctly. When water begins to look cloudy or has been sitting stagnant for a while, it is easy enough to shock the pool but the work doesn’t end there.

Your filtration system is the heart and soul of your pool. Without a working filter system, it does not take long for algae to form. In addition to looking awful and potentially causing illness, algae can lead to damage, leading to costly repairs and replacements. Great pool circulation distributes necessary chemicals, so it is important to inspect all aspects of your swimming pool. From surfaces like pool walls to stairs and liners, there is a lot to keep track of.

Expert Pool Care Brought to Your Door

The pool and spa industry has tried, over the years, to make regular cleaning as easy as possible, with advantages in technology. Flipping the switch on a pool vacuum can give the sense that your pool is being cleaned properly but this isn’t always the case. These machines might be able to suck up debris from the bottom but based on the shape of the vacuum head, they likely will not fit into corners. This leaves certain areas full of debris and can wreck liners with stains.

A robotic pool cleaner might help to keep buildup at bay for a while but it is no substitute for an experienced, hands-on approach. Indoors, you might be able to substitute chemical cleansers for baking soda and other more natural mixtures but it is never a good idea to take these chances on your pool environment. There is never a bad time to call a professional for your pool maintenance needs, particularly at the change of a season.

When closing down a pool for the season, it is important to give it one last scrub down before sliding off those winter pool covers. In addition to a thorough clean, it is important to inspect your pool filter and even drop the water level to ensure equipment stays in great shape, all year long.

The Puddle Pools Advantage

Whether you are looking to secure regular treatments for weekly maintenance, monthly services or a seasonal opening or closing, all it takes is one call to our experts to get the best results possible. Our team of highly-trained experts provide top-to-bottom cleans, from water balance to inspecting equipment like your skimmer basket, your pool’s pump and beyond.

Fully insured staff are able to provide excellent results, great customer service and peace of mind for our clients. Call today for a free estimate.

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