Waikiki Water Feature Maintenance

Whether you are at home or at work, water features are a cheery addition to any property. The sound of running water is soothing, fountain structures add character and a well maintained fountain adds value and curb appeal to homes and commercial spaces. Even a bit of neglect can lead to serious issues with outdoor and indoor fountain models. Instead of waiting for the worst-case scenario, call a Puddle Pro today! Puddle technicians provide Waikiki water feature maintenance that protects systems, improves visuals and keeps your water moving smoothly.

There are plenty of types of water feature on the market. Whether you are installing a new model or have purchased a home/property with an existing one, routine maintenance is key to good condition. The needs of an outdoor model or garden fountain will change throughout the year and that means catering your routine to the season, climate, plant life and surrounding area. It can take weeks of practice to develop a treatment plan, only to have it change unexpectedly due to a changing season. Luckily, our local Puddle technicians are able to create customized treatment plans to protect your fountains throughout the year.

Water Fountain Care: What to Know

In the same way that a pool or hot tub needs to be protected from the elements, so does your fountain. Fountains are susceptible to algae growth, mineral deposits, white scale, mold and other unexpected issues. Imbalanced water will also go cloudy, become discoloured and will often smell. What might start out as a bad visual can quickly turn into a serious issue and the needs for expensive repairs and replacements.

How to Clean Your Fountain: Water features are built to be durable but they aren’t invincible. In the case of algae growth, extensive moisture is sitting against construction materials. Using a pressure washer or hard bristle brush can pull away weakened materials, causing serious damage. In the case of larger fountains, there are likely multiple tiers that you will need to keep an eye on. It is easy to reach areas at the ground level but higher areas are often overlooked.

Monitoring Water Levels: if you begin to notice that the water level of your fountain is dropping unexpectedly an inspection is necessary. It is common to lose a bit of water due to warm weather and other daily issues. If you notice that the water level is dropping rapidly without a good reason, there is a chance that you are dealing with a leak. If you are expecting a cold snap, or are looking to go on an extended vacation, it is a good idea to reduce the water level to prevent growth or bacteria from forming inside sensitive areas.

Internal Water Systems: It is easy to lose sight of what keeps your fountain running. Without a series of equipment and components, your fountain is just a birdbath! If water is not able to move freely, it sits stagnant. This makes it possible for bacteria to build up inside lines, and other sensitive areas. This blocks water flow even further and can push mold and mildew back into water. Outdoor fountain pumps are vulnerable to buildup from organics while interior water feature care often means dealing with white scale and other issues.

Deep Cleans: Just like a hot tub or pool, fountains will eventually need a deep clean in order to protect materials and keep things running smoothly. In-depth outdoor water fountain cleaning means having to drain the water from your system. Just pulling the plug on a fountain sends tons of water rushing out. Without proper drainage this will drown lawns, flood basements or structures, cause water damage, leaks, rot and mold. It is simple enough to replace the water in your system but getting it out can be a complicated process.

In the case of cold weather, it is always a good idea to have an expert drop the water level in your system. This prevents water from seeping into sensitive areas. Prolonged periods of disuse can lead to unexpected damage, so it is common practice to remove the pump and detachable components to be dried and stored as part of seasonal services.

When you want the best result for your water fountain, call a highly trained and experienced Puddle technician today.

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