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For many residents in Waikiki, swimming pools are the place to be as soon as the weather gets warm. Nice weather can sneak up on you and with that, you can miss out on sunny days spent poolside. After a long period of slow traffic or disuse, pools are often left with poor water condition, bad visuals and even the possibility of bad smells. Restoring swim spaces to good condition means water treatments, as well as scrubbing, vacuuming, debris removal, inspections and more. Professional Waikiki pool opening services are efficient and use in-depth treatments to create inviting and sanitary swim spaces.

When you want to open your pool for the season, standard cleaning practices won’t do. After months of disuse, pool owners might pull back covers to discover cloudy water, algae, discolouration and a lot of debris. If this is the case, shocking your pool and running an automatic cleaner are not enough to restore water to sanitary levels. An improper opening can quickly lead to recreational water illnesses like ear or eye infections, skin rashes or irritations, as well as digestive issues. Don’t take a chance on health and safety when you can call a Puddle Pro instead!

Spring Pool Care: What to Know About Your System

As soon as the average outdoor temperature reaches 69 degrees, it is an optimal time to open your pool for the season. At this point, the risk of a cold snap that can lead to freezing or unexpected damage is less likely. It is easy to assume that Waikiki never sees cold weather but It does happen. Even if it is not cold enough to freeze water, big temperature swings can have a negative impact on chemical balancing. Imbalanced chemicals and an influx of debris, combined with low traffic all take a toll on the overall condition of your pool.

If your water system has been left sitting, there is no telling what you will find when you remove the cover from your swimming pool. Simple test strips and equipment might help you clean your pool when it is already in good shape but restoring systems after the off-season requires in-depth cleaning and a multi-step approach.

Water Care: During the closing process, water levels are often dropped. It is easy enough to add water and restore levels with a standard garden hose but balancing water chemistry and chemical levels is more complicated. If water is cloudy or discoloured an initial application of specialized chemicals can kick-start the opening process. Once shock treatments have settled in, experts balance sanitizer levels, pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more.

Debris & Residue Removal: Even with a pool cover, debris has a way of sneaking inside water systems. This can be everything from leaves to seed pods, buds, pollen, dust, dirt, and even insects. Standard pool vacuums are not designed to reach into tight spaces. This means corners, stairs and areas with hard angles are never properly cleaned out. Heavy scrubbing gets rid of residue on walls while speciality tools help Puddle technicians dig into corners for the best possible result. It is also important not to overlook skimmer baskets which need to be emptied regularly.

Pool Equipment: Part of closing a pool in fall is winterizing plugs and maybe even removing detachable components to be dried and stored. Hitting the ground running for the warm season means restoring these items, as well as inspecting pool filters, the cover, pool pump, return lines and even surrounding items like diving boards. A lot can happen over the course of the off-season so inspecting for damage is a great way to catch problem areas early when they can be repaired instead of needing to be fully replaced or causing damage.

Puddle Pool Services: Starting Spring Off Right

Puddle services are not standard pool maintenance! Each member of the team is local to the Waikiki area. This means skipping the trial and error and providing efficient opening services that help pool owners make the most out of the swim season. In addition to great results, Puddle technicians are fully insured to protect properties and provide peace of mind to customers.

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