Waikiki Pool Closing

Even in Waikiki, there comes a time when it is a good idea to close your pool. This might be during the fall when temperatures begin to drop, or it might be when you are getting ready for a prolonged vacation or absence. Prepping a swimming pool for a long period of disuse can help to avoid unexpected damage caused by seasonal shifts or stagnant water. Just throwing on a pool cover is not enough to protect your pool from the elements but our technicians are here to help. Professional Waikiki pool closing protects water systems, keeps internal components in great shape and paves the way for an easier opening in spring.

Fall Pool Care: to Close or Not to Close?

During summer months pools get a lot of care, attention and traffic. When temperatures cool, they are used less often and with that, cleaned less often. If you are not planning to use your pool throughout the fall and winter months, winterize your pool and avoid it turning into a swampy mess. Closing a pool means having to open it back up again in spring, which is expensive and time consuming. If you are looking for an easier seasonal transition, an off-season pool program might be the better option for you.

The Closing Process: The steps to closing down a pool system will change based on the type and model of the swim space that you are working with. For example, closing an in-ground pool means dropping the water level and winterizing drain plugs. For an above ground pool, installing water or air bags reduces the risk of freezing wherever possible. Replacing mesh covers with solid winter covers is a good idea and goes a long way toward preventing algae growth.

Off-Season Pool Programs: A reduced treatment schedule is a great alternative to closing services. During the summer, it is common for pool owners to keep a weekly cleaning schedule but when traffic is slow and temperatures are low, maintaining a bi-weekly service program is a good idea. This means a technician visits once every two weeks to balance water chemistry including the chlorine level, pH level, alkalinity and more. Puddle crews also empty skimmer baskets and inspect necessary components like the pool pump, plumbing lines and filters. This program means an easy opening in spring, in fact, all you have to do is turn on the heater!

Puddle Pool Services: Keeping Water Systems Running Smoothly All Year Long

Before you spend time and money trying to shock your pool, consider calling an expert first! Experienced pool closing services treat pools from the inside, out. In-depth pool care not only helps to improve the curb appeal of your home or commercial space but also prolongs the lifespan of materials, cutting costs on repairs, replacements and even running costs. Puddle techs are highly trained, experienced, fully insured and outfitted with the appropriate tools and resources to get the best results for our communities.

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