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Living in Waikiki is living in Paradise and having a pool only accentuates that. Being able to step off of a lanai and into a sparking clean swimming pool is the best way to enjoy your home, entertain guests and add value to a property. There are tons of advantages to a backyard swim space and it is easy to overlook the amount of work involved in maintaining them. If you want all of the advantages without having to scrub, skim and water test, call a Puddle technician instead! Professional Waikiki residential pool services keep water sanitary, filters clean and water systems running smoothly.

Unlike a public pool or fitness centre, most homeowners in Waikiki do not have a staff on hand to take care of their swimming pools. This means having to give up evenings, weekends and leisure time to learn the ins and outs of proper pool care. Instead of struggling to keep up with the demands of your swim space, ditch the test strips and skimmers and call a Puddle technician instead.

Pool Care at Home: Great Results For All Property Types

In the same way that every property has its own features and character, so do pools! What works for your neighbours might not work for you. This is because everything from the temperature outside, surrounding areas, which sanitizers you use, the level of traffic and more all contribute to the overall condition of swimming pools. Understanding the needs of your water systems can take months or years of trial and error to properly dial in treatments but our technicians have done the hard work for you!

Water Chemistry: Just adding pool chemicals into water systems is not enough to create sanitary spaces. Shocking the pool might help to clear cloudy water but this does not mean that pool water is safe to swim in. An everyday testing kit might point out sanitizer levels but these basic tools often neglect pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more. If water is imbalanced you can expect cloudy or discoloured water, bacteria, residue and even bad smells.

Pool Filters & Circulation Systems: Circulation systems are a key component of pool maintenance. Sitting water is prone to bacteria and even algae growth. In order to keep water flowing, your pool pump and plumbing lines need to be in good working order. Pool filters are another necessary part of water systems, trapping and holding bits of debris. Without regular emptying, items that are trapped in the skimmer basket will rot and break apart, and filters can become full of debris and will need to removed and cleaned, but in the case of sand filters, totally replaced.

Removing Debris: While filters and skimmer baskets are designed to catch floating debris, sunken items are often left to sit. A standard pool vacuum can remove items from the middle of pool floors but these are not designed to reach into corners or navigate hard angles. This means every corner and step is an opportunity for bacteria and residue to form. Manual vacuums and telescopic poles make it possible to have surfaces looking better than ever.

Seasonal Pool and Spa Services: Pool cleaning throughout the warm season is great, but what happens when temperatures begin to drop or you are away for a long period? Swimming pools are often not used as often during the colder season. If pools are not being used, it is a good idea to close systems down or switch over from a weekly cleaning practice to a bi-weekly routine instead.

The Puddle Guarantee: Expert Pool Cleaning Services Right At Home

Local Puddle technicians are able to provide in-depth treatment plans that are customized to the unique needs of your swim space. Our specialists don’t just add chemicals and call it a day! Puddle Pros check water levels and filtration systems, inspect liners, check return lines and ensure that all systems are running smoothly. With options for weekly cleaning programs during the spring and summer months, as well as bi-weekly treatments during fall and winter, one-time service calls and seasonal care, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as highly experienced to provide the best possible results. Puddle technicians arrive on-scene with top tools and resources to clean water, protect internal components and keep water systems flowing.

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