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Businesses throughout Waikiki thrive based on customer traffic. The best way to set yourself apart from the competition is by offering memorable experiences and the best to do that is with a swimming pool! Offering a clean and inviting swim space helps to bring customers to spas, draw in new members, book guests into hotels or tenants into rental properties. In a high traffic space, keeping swimming pools clean means regular water balancing, skimming, testing, scrubbing and vacuuming. This is a lot of work and it can be tough to keep up. Professional Waikiki commercial pool services keep water crystal clear, swim spaces sanitary and even help to keep costs down for both repairs and daily running costs.

Keeping swimming pools clean is important for any property but pool care for businesses is even more so. On average, single family homes are relatively low traffic, whereas a commercial space can see dozens, if not hundreds of swimmers per day. This means customizing your treatment plans to the unique needs of your pool, your levels of traffic, surrounding plant life and even changes in temperature or season — and our Puddle Pros are here to help!

Commercial Pool Care: Keep Swimmers Safe

Anyone can buy testing kits, pool equipment and supplies but it takes more than a trip to a pool supply store to get great results for your swim space. Your business structure doesn’t have to revolve around a pool or hot tub for these water features to be extremely important to your daily operations. Large hotel chains might have staff members whose whole job is to clean and treat pools while small businesses are left to their own devices. If pool care becomes overwhelming, it will begin to show up in unexpected ways like cloudy water, algae growth, damaged liners or struggling circulation systems.

Draw in Customers/Guests: No one would step foot in dirty or cloudy pool water. If you are operating a fitness centre or spa, one glance at discoloured water is enough to send customers running right out of the room. Contaminated water is a health and safety issue, often resulting in recreational water illnesses like ear infections, eye infections, skin irritations, digestive issues and even e-coli poisoning in extreme conditions. All it takes is one bad review to sink your reputation as a business, so maintaining sanitary spaces is incredibly important.

Stage a Home For Sale: In the event that you are trying to sell a home, it is important to put your best foot forward to create the ideal first impression. If pools are discoloured or swampy, it can be a deterrent to potential buyers. As a realtor, hiring a professional pool and spa service can help to showcase an attractive pool instead of making swim spaces seem like a burden. In addition to a deep cleaning, this is an opportune time to have an inspection done on the pool so you can reassure potential buyers that everything is in good, working order.

Post-Construction Clean Up: Following a landscaping or construction project, there are plenty of materials blowing around surrounding areas. This means pools in the area are bombarded with dust, dirt and debris. Firing up a pool system that is full of debris is very likely to cause clogs or damage. Professional pool cleaning services can help to remove any unwanted debris, creating a clean slate for swimming pools and presenting the best possible condition for your clients or homeowners.

The Puddle Guarantee: Pool Maintenance Routines That Work

In the same way that a clean swim space can be a draw for visitors, a dirty pool can wreck the reputation of a business. There is never a bad time to start a pool cleaning program. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed with the needs of a high-traffic swim space or are trying to keep pools in good shape during a sale/possession period, just call a Puddle Pro today.

Expert pool care does not only improve the visuals in a commercial environment but can aid in reducing the running costs of your water system. In-depth pool cleaning prevents clogs and blockages which reduces the efficiency of water systems. If these systems and their components have to work harder, they use more energy, driving up energy costs. This additional wear and tear will also reduce the lifespan of each piece of your water system, leading to the need for premature — and expensive! — repairs and replacements. Make Puddle a part of your pool care routine and keep costs down and pools in great shape.

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