Waikiki Pool Cleaning

The Waikiki area is known for its lush plant life and beautiful views. You may enjoy the greenery while out for a walk but no one wants to find this built up in their swimming pool. Throughout the course of the year, outdoor pools are up against the elements but our Puddle technicians are here to help! Professional Waikiki pool cleaning maintains water chemistry, removes debris and keeps your swim space looking its best.

Having a pool, spa or hot tub on your property adds value, boosts curb appeal and turns homes into great places to host or entertain. As great as an accessible swim space can be for a home or commercial space, they are a lot of hard to work to maintain. It can take weeks or months of hard work and trial and error to perfect a pool maintenance routine but our Puddle technicians have put the hard work in for you. When you want the best possible results for your water systems, call a Puddle Pro.

How Routine Pool Cleaning Services Benefit Swim Spaces

Proper pool care requires more than a quick shock treatment and water skimming every now and then. The needs of your pool and water system will change throughout the course of the year, so your cleaning routine will have to change with the seasons. Even a bit of neglect can cause pool water to become imbalanced, becoming cloudy, discoloured and unsanitary.

Water Care: Anyone can put a testing kit to use but these often do not give full insight into some of the more complex elements of pool water. Sanitizer levels, such as chlorine or bromine, are important but so is monitoring pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more. A chemical imbalance not only leaves water looking awful, it makes it unsanitary which can lead to recreational water illnesses like ear infections, skin irritations, stomach issues and even e-coli poisoning in severe cases.

Water Systems: Circulation systems are crucial to keeping pools in great shape. If water is not moving, it is at risk of contamination. A pool pump allows chemicals to circulate throughout the entirety of basins, treating water as it goes. When you want to keep your pool cleaner, over longer periods it is important to regularly inspect the function and condition of internal components.

Pool Equipment & Liners: A functional pool filter is key to keeping water crystal clear. Every day, there is debris falling into pools, either floating along surfaces or sinking to the bottom of pools. Floating items will often be sucked into skimmer baskets while sunken items will rest against liners. Over time, these will break down leaving permanent staining behind. Part of regular cleaning involves emptying skimmer baskets, inspecting cartridge filters and sand filters, and cleaning or replacing wherever necessary. A visual inspection of vinyl liners is a great way to catch problem areas and repair them before they turn into disasters.

Anyone can drop in a shock treatment to clear cloudy water or turn on a pool vacuum to suck up debris but these will often only end up with a subpar result. Seeking out a professional pool service makes it possible to keep your swim space running smoothly, prolongs the lifespan of materials and can even help to reduce daily running costs. When you want to avoid expensive pool repairs and replacements, reduce utility bills and make the most out of the swim season.

The Puddle Guarantee: Great Results For Your Swim Space

Unlike other pool companies, Puddle technicians make your pool our priority. Having an expert test your water on a regular basis helps to keep systems running smoothly, as well as water crystal clear. For both residential and commercial properties, a clean and sanitary swim space is key to keeping swimmers happy. Puddle crews are local to your area, so we have key insights into what your system needs and the best way to treat them.

Even when temperatures begin to drop, your pool still needs attention. Weekly services are recommended during high traffic months (April-September) and bi-weekly treatments can be continued into the fall and winter months. Bi-weekly treatments operate in the same way as summer care programs but at a reduced rate. The benefit of keeping up with pool care over the off-season is that when you are ready to open back up in spring all you have to do is flip on the heater.

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