Stittsville Water Feature Maintenance

Stittsville Ontario is known for its rich history and character homes and nothing says character like a water feature. A great fountain adds personality to homes and commercial spaces but it also adds a new element of care and cleaning. With a busy schedule, it can be tough to keep up with the needs of any home or business, but our team of highly trained Puddle technicians are here to help you out! Expert Stittsville water feature maintenance can help to clear cloudy water, avoid white scale and mineral deposits, and prevent algae growth.

Standard cleaning solutions just don’t work when it comes to water feature care. A basic spray cleaner and soft cloth might work on indoor sinks and bathtubs, but these are not enough to get results outdoors. Proper fountain cleaning means treating features at every level, including water condition, internal mechanisms and structures.

Water Fountain Care: What to Know

Part of what makes fountains such a great addition to a home or workplace is just how versatile they are! A garden fountain helps to create a soothing outdoor space while indoor models bring tranquility inside. Whether outdoor or indoor, every water system relies on a circulation system to stay clean. A fountain pump, for example, is necessary to circulate chemicals, keeping water clean and clear.

When you want to keep your water feature clean, you have to do more than remove debris. Even a light breeze can dislodge tons of organic debris from surrounding plants. This can mean leaves, sticks, dirt, dust, pollen, seed pods and needles all being thrown into your outdoor fountain water. This can contribute to algae buildup, clogged filters and stained liners. Skimming out small pieces of debris is tough enough when they are reachable, but it is even harder when dealing with larger fountains. Trying to reach higher tiers of a fountain can mean navigating slippery surfaces, as well as heights.

An outdoor water fountain is subject to many of the same issues as pools and hot tubs but they do not get the same level of attention. It is no secret that winters in Ontario are frigid and that can take a toll on your water system. It is a good idea to drop the water level in your fountain so it falls below the jets and skimmers to prevent water from seeping inside. This can help to keep your fountain running smoothly, all year long.

Even with regular cleaning and maintenance your water systems will need a deep clean. In-depth cleaning provides insight into the condition of structures, as well as internal components and any potential issues facing your system. When you drain the water from your fountain, it is an opportunity to acid wash concrete fountains and structures, change filters and replace the water in your system for a fresh start.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Water Fountain Cleaning in Stittsville

When you want to keep your fountain running, your water clean and your structures looking great, all it takes is one call to a Puddle technician. Puddle crews are highly experienced, highly trained and highly rated. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect properties and the technicians themselves. By offering options for routine cleaning, seasonal care and deep cleans, Puddle Pros can service fountains of all sizes around homes and commercial properties.

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