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The swimming season is the light at the end of a wintery tunnel. If cold weather has got you down, a pool opening is just the thing to perk you back up again. When flurries give way to sunshine, it is easy to want to take advantage of the nice weather with a swim, but you can’t do that in an untreated water system. Professional Stittsville pool opening services help property owners make the most out of the swim season, while keeping swimmers safe, structures in great shape and water systems running smoothly.

Swimming pools are complicated structures, so why should taking care of them be any different? More than grabbing test strips and a few chlorine pucks, proper pool maintenance means managing multiple components within the filtration system. It can take years to fully understand how your water system works, but our Puddle Pros have done the heavy lifting for you.

The Right and Wrong Way to Open Your Pool

Chances are that your pool system was not getting a lot of attention over the winter months. This means that when you remove the cover from your pool, you will likely be met with algae growth and a ton of debris. It might be tempting to pull back the pool cover and dive on into pools but this can lead to serious issues. Stepping into contaminated water causes skin irritations, eye and ear infections and even digestive issues. This means having to clean out debris, water systems, skimmer baskets, filters but it also means having to monitor water chemistry and pool equipment as well.

Even with a secured safety cover, debris has a way of sneaking inside. It is simple to skim larger items that are floating along water surfaces but removing the debris that has broken down into smaller pieces is much more difficult.

When performing a pool closing, there are quite a few processes that will need to be reversed on opening. For example, winterizing plugs is key to preventing water from freezing inside vulnerable areas but they will need to be open for systems to function properly. If the water level in your system has been dropped during closing, it is necessary to refill pools but this can be done with a basic garden hose. Above ground pools will often be outfitted with water bags to prevent freezing and will need to be removed before use.

During spring, pool care needs will be much different from a routine cleaning. Testing kits are useful tools when maintaining water chemistry but reviving it after winter requires monitoring the standard chlorine and pH level but also adding additional pool chemicals to contend with algae growth or other unexpected issues. It is also important to perform visual inspections of vinyl liners, tiles, surrounding areas, and the condition of overall structures.

Puddle Pool Services: Open Your Pool For Spring

Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your pool, call an expert instead! Opening a pool is a multi-step approach and forgetting just one of these can have a ripple effect throughout your water system. Don’t let drain plugs be the downfall of your opening when there is a Puddle Pro nearby to help you out. Local technicians understand how the weather impacts your pool system and know just how to treat them. Don’t bother with trial and error when our technicians have already done the leg work.

Trying to open a pool in a single day is a recipe for subpar results. Puddle Pool Services has turned pool openings into a science, performed over several days to ensure full chemical balance and complete cleanliness. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as great results.

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