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Having a pool on your property is a great way to get some exercise, entertain or just add value to your home. There are a ton of advantages that come along with pool ownership, but there is also a lot of effort involved in keeping them running. Adding pool care to an already busy schedule is a recipe for neglect and that can mean big trouble for your swim space. Instead of taking a risk with DIY practices, call an expert for your Stittsville residential pool services.

At first glance, taking care of a swimming pool seems simple, but these systems are much more complicated than meets the eye. In addition to caring for pool water itself, pool owners need to be focused on liners, structures and internal components, as well. Even a bit of neglect can cause a ripple effect through the entire system. Trust Puddle Pool technicians to get great results for your pool care at home.

Residential Pool Care: Cleaning & Water Balance

A clean pool creates a great visual around any space, but a dirty one does exactly the opposite. Heavy rains, high winds, dirt, dust, debris and pollen can leave your pool looking more like a swamp than an inviting swim space. Keeping your swimming pool in good condition means removing debris, applying pool chemicals and cleaning out skimmer baskets and filters.

Ditching Debris: There are plenty of ways that debris can find its way into pool systems. In an outdoor environment, your pool water is exposed in one way or another for 24 hours a day. During fall, a light breeze can force leaves to fall across water surfaces while pollen is a common contaminant throughout summer. Skimming these out should be a daily practice but it is easy to forget about it. Over time, lighter items break apart, clogging up the filtration systems. Pool vacuums are designed to suck up sunken debris from pool bottoms but these are not designed to reach into tough angles.

Balance Water Chemistry: A testing kit can help pool owners balance chlorine levels but there is more to proper water balancing than just that. In order to keep water crystal clear, pH levels and total alkalinity need to be considered, as well. Failing to keep up with chemicals and sanitizers will quickly lead to cloudy water, algae, discolouration and bacteria. Stepping foot into contaminated water also means the potential for RWIs (recreational water illnesses) ranging from skin irritations, ear infections and digestive issues.

When caring for a water system, it is important to keep an eye on pool equipment and surrounding areas. Monitoring your pool pump, filter, motor and liners helps to create a well-rounded picture of the overall condition of your pool system.

Expert Pool Maintenance Brought Right to Your Front Door

Kicking back in a pool or hot tub is meant to be a relaxing time but having to clean them out can be stressful. Calling an expert to handle this for you relieves the burden without sacrificing results. In order to keep our communities clean and running smoothly, Puddle technicians offer routine cleaning and maintenance services, as well as system refreshes and seasonal care.

Each member of the team is fully insured to protect properties and our technicians. Fully covered technicians provide peace of mind, as well as excellent customer service. Competitive prices and great results are just part of what sets our Puddle Pros apart from the competition.

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