Stittsville Pool Leak Detection

Swimming pool leaks don’t just ruin your summer fun, they can cause serious and widespread damage across your home or workplace. It’s hard to imagine that something as small as a pinhole leak can wreck your yard, flood your basement and cause expensive water damage to surrounding structures. The longer you wait, the worse a leak becomes so call Puddle for your Stittsville pool leak detection services at the first sign of water loss. 

A water leak in a pool will show itself differently than it will indoors. You might notice a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink but if pool plumbing springs a leak it can go weeks or months without being noticed. If you suspect that your swim space is losing water, book an appointment with a local Puddle Pro to diagnose a pool leak, isolate the problem area and organize necessary repairs. 

Leak Detection in Pools: What We Watch Out For 

There is a big difference between natural water loss and losing water from a crack or leak. High temperatures can cause water to evaporate and having a lot of swimmers means they carry pool water out with them anytime they leave the swim space. On average you can expect to see the overall water level drop by 3-5 inches over the course of a week. If you are seeing more than that over the course of a day or find yourself having to add water to your pool on a daily basis, it is time for a bucket test. 

A bucket test involves placing a bucket of water next to the pool so the two are exposed to the same conditions. Mark the water level in each of these and wait a couple of days to measure them again. If the water level in the pool has dropped significantly more in the pool than in the bucket, you are likely dealing with a leak. 

If all signs are pointing to a pool leak, it is time to find out what type of leak you are dealing with: 

Plumbing Leak: When dealing with an inground pool plumbing often runs underground, making it difficult to visually spot a problem. Pressure testing involves applying a steady stream of air to water and return lines. If there is a leak somewhere in the system the air will create air bubbles that identify cracks or damage somewhere down the line. In the case of an underground leak, saturated soils will make gurgling sounds when met with the air stream. 

Structural Leak: Some damage is obvious like crumbling concrete or a crack in the foundation but some damage is more subtle. Dye tests are a good way to diagnose any water loss, using coloured dyes and a trained eye. Coloured dyes weigh more than water so it is attracted to the vacuum caused by leaking water. This can help to diagnose damaged foundations or track down tears in pool liners. 

Puddle Pool Services: Identifying, Isolating and Resolving Pool Leaks in Stittsville 

Expert leak detection and repair go hand-in-hand. In the event that Puddle technicians identify damage that is causing a leak, we can provide referrals to reliable repair experts in your area. It is easy to delay pool leak detection when your pool is in use but the longer you wait, the higher the risk of widespread damage to not just your swim space, but the surrounding areas as well. 

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