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If a pool opening signifies the start of the summer season, a pool closing means that winter is on its way. It might be tough to admit that the swim season is coming to an end but it is important to plan ahead for your fall pool care. Hiring professional Stittsville pool closing services protects your water systems throughout cold weather and help to create a more efficient opening when spring comes back around.

Summer is often a high traffic time for pools but the fall season is very much the opposite. When temperatures drop, your water systems get less and less attention. Just because they aren’t in use doesn’t mean that pool systems don’t need regular chemical applications, skimming and inspections of pools and surrounding areas. Puddle technicians are committed to protecting swimming pools all across the Stittsville area, so call today for great results.

The Best Way to Close Your Pool

After years of industry experience, our team of experts have come up with a long list of tricks and tips for fall pool maintenance. When preparing your pool for the winter season, it is important to create a treatment plan that caters to the unique needs of your system based on age, size, type, style and condition of your pool.

Pool Water: During pool maintenance, water condition will often steal the show and your closing is no exception. Over the course of the year, it is important to apply pool chemicals to maintain sanitizer levels but when it is time to close down, it is important to apply pool antifreeze and shock your pool to protect it over the winter.

Dealing With Debris: Everyone loves to watch the leaves change colour in fall, but no one wants to spend hours skimming these out of a pool. As debris floats along pool surfaces, it can clog skimmer baskets and filters. If not removed right away, these items will break apart, becoming even more difficult to clean and are able to move into harder to reach areas, making removal even more difficult. Over time, items might sink to the bottom of the pool, resting against vinyl liners and causing staining. Even if you have a safety cover attached, debris finds a way to sneak inside and this means having to clean your pool filter, even if you aren’t swimming regularly.

Drainage: Everyone knows that if water freezes, it can mean big trouble for your pool system. Freezing water is bad enough for vinyl liners and concrete structures but when it comes to the internal mechanisms of your system, it is even worse. Frozen water expands up to 9%. This added pressure on pipes can cause warping, brittle plastic and even, in extreme cases, burst pipes. Draining the water level in your pool to below the jets and skimmer line can help to prevent water from sneaking in to sensitive areas.

Pool Equipment: While closing, it is important to take an overview of pool equipment as well as water condition. This can mean everything from examining cartridge filters in an inground pool or installing water bags in an above ground pool to prevent freezing.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results For Your Pool Closing

As much as you might try to treat and cover your pool for the winter season, there is always another bit of maintenance that needs to be done. Even when you are not using it, it is a good idea to check your pool water levels, skimmers, filters and more. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured to protect homes, as well as our technicians. Call today for cost-competitive services and excellent results!

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