Stittsville Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Pool owners might be used to doing chemical treatments and skimming throughout the swim season but as seasons change, water systems need special attention. From a pool closing in fall or opening back up in spring, your pool care changes with the season and our team of Puddle Pros can help you keep up with demand. Professional Stittsville seasonal pool maintenance works to protect pool systems through the long winter, and sets systems up for an easy opening in spring.

Whether at home or at work, property owners are always keen to make the most out of the swimming season. This works in two ways: by scheduling closures at the right time and by opening as early as possible. Without a proper closing, it can take weeks to open a pool and this is just a waste of sunshine. When you want the best for your seasonal pool care, set your water system up for success with a bit of help from a Puddle technician.

Seasonal Pool Services: What to Do & When

The needs of your pool will greatly shift in cold weather and waiting too long to close down will cause a ripple effect through your pool system, leading to the need for premature repairs and replacements. When the weather begins to hit an average of 15 degrees, you should have already been thinking about closing down your pool.

Pool Closing: In Ontario, temperatures can fluctuate greatly and without much warning. This might mean having a bright and sunny morning and a frosty evening. During a cold snap, water freezes but when it freezes in a pool, it can only spell trouble. Frozen water expands up to 9%. This might not seem like a high number but it is enough to cause warping, make plastic brittle or even cause pipes to burst. Dropping the water level of your pool before freezing can help to protect the internal mechanisms of your swim space. This is also the opportune time to winterize drain plugs.

Pool Opening: Outdoor swimming pools do not get much use over the course of the winter. No matter the time of year, sitting pool water is prone to algae growth, bacteria and a ton of sitting debris. Without regular skimming, debris will clog up filtration systems and skimmer baskets. After sitting for months at a time, your pool equipment is likely not in the best shape, so inspections and cleanings are also necessary. In order to regain pool water chemistry, application of opening chemicals is needed to clear cloudy water, ditch discolouration and remove algae blooms.

Using a test strip can help with standard pool cleaning but prepping your pool for the winter requires a more in-depth approach, as does opening. Missing just one step in the opening process can lead to subpar results or even contaminated water.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results All Year Long

After years in the industry, our team of highly trained Puddle technicians have treated pools in all temperatures, at any time of year. It is important to not only treat water, it is important to inspect structures, install winter covers, ensure that pool heaters are functional and other key factors. More than a simple one-step chemical application, seasonal pool care is a multi-step process that spreads out over the course of several days. This ensures a thorough cleaning of visible and covered pool components, getting great results, every time.

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