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Nothing says summer like sitting poolside in the sunshine. It is hard to kick back and enjoy your pool when you are spending all of your time cleaning it! When you want all of the enjoyment of pool ownership without the hard work, pass the buck to a Puddle technician. Don’t struggle to keep up with the demands of your water system, when you can call an expert for your Ottawa pool cleaning needs.

Proper pool cleaning focuses on a variety of different aspects, including pool water condition, filtration systems, debris removal, and regular inspections of vulnerable areas like liners, pumps and motors. Without technical knowledge it is easy to miss one or more of these steps, resulting in subpar results or unexpected damage. Instead of taking a risk with pool systems, call an expert for great results on a routine basis or as single service visits.

The Importance of Regular Pool Care

Without proper cleaning and maintenance it does not take long for swimming pools to start looking like swamps. Taking a dip in contaminated water is not only an unpleasant feeling, but can result in serious health issues, as well. When you want to protect your pool structures and everyone swimming in it, our Puddle Pros have got you covered!

In the wrong hands, pool chemicals can be dangerous. Too few chemicals can result in digestive issues, ear and eye infections and even e-coli poisoning, and too many chemicals can irritate skin. Simple test strips aren’t enough to balance chemical and sanitizer levels, so it is always a good idea to leave the chemistry to the pros! From safely applying chemicals and sanitizers to monitoring pH levels and total alkalinity, our experts can handle it all.

Floating and sunken debris not only looks awful, they can cause havoc into your filtration system. Skimming water surfaces can help to keep floating debris out of circulation systems, while vacuuming the pool bottom can remove debris before it leaves permanent staining behind. In addition to looking better, removing debris can protect your pool filter. Clogs and blockages put strain on systems, causing higher utility bills and shortens the lifespan of your internal components. Professional care scrubs sides, walls and stairs, vacuums pool bottoms, inspects pool liners and cleans skimmer baskets.

Puddle Pools: Expert Pool Cleaning Services Right Next Door

With options for routine cleaning and pool maintenance, as well as seasonal treatments, there is nothing that our team of Puddle Pros can’t handle. Calling a pro for your pool opening starts the season off right, while an expert pool closing protects your water systems over the course of the winter months. After years of industry experience, our team of highly trained technicians are able to inspect pool pumps, advise on liner replacements and safety covers, drop water levels, and keep your pool cleaner, for a longer period.

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