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Throughout the winter months, Ottawa becomes a snowy wonderland. As beautiful as fresh snow fall might be, it can quickly become a pain for property owners. Spending hours shovelling walkways and de-icing sidewalks doesn’t leave much time for pool care. Shutting down your water systems in fall can help to protect your swim space all year long. Professional Ottawa pool closing services take care of your seasonal maintenance, so you can relax.

When temperatures drop, pools are used less frequently and this means during fall, pool care is not a priority. Over long periods of disuse, pools are collecting debris, forming algae and internal components are becoming brittle. Instead of dealing with the fallout of winter damage, call an expert to keep your water systems running smoothly.

The Best Way to Close Your Pool

The secret to great fall maintenance is to have an expert handle it for you! From handling pool chemicals, scrubbing structures, inspecting vulnerable areas and even removing and storing components, closing your pool is a lot of work! You might be able to shock your pool or skim out debris, but when you want real results, you will need to dig deep!

It is important to treat your pool according to its unique style, age and condition. Closing down an above ground pool is different from shutting down an in-ground model. For example, water bags are used to prevent freezing in above ground pools, while draining water is necessary when dealing with in-ground pools. Dropping water levels to a few inches below the skimmer line prevents freezing, while winterizing drain plugs prevents water from sneaking inside. It is also important to blow out the lines of your system, ensuring that there is no possibility of freezing. Detachable items and pool equipment can also be removed, dried and stored over colder months.

Everything from water condition and the safety cover plays a role in the overall look and functionality of your pool system. Mesh covers in the summer allow sunlight to help heat pools, but in the winter these models can encourage algae growth by creating a warm, damp, covered space for it to thrive. If you place a winter cover over a system that is already showing signs of algae growth, it will only get worse over time. If this is the case, upping the chlorine level in spring will not be enough to get water clean.

Puddle Pool Services: Fall Pool Maintenance & Closings

Closing a swimming pool for the cold season requires more than just pulling a plug and letting it drain. If you are dropping the water in an inground pool, where that water drains should be a matter of great importance. Calling an expert for your pool closing can help to avoid water damage, leaks, and flooding and maintain the condition of water systems.

A proper closing in the fall makes for a more efficient opening in spring. When you want to make the most out of the swim season, you don’t want to waste time having to open your pool. When you hire an expert, you can rest easy that everything from your pool filter to liner has been inspected and water has been balanced.

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susan eccles
5 out of 5

Zach and Richard have been very professional since the day we connected. They provide prompt, thorough service and are accommodating. I highly recommend Puddles service if you do not want to deal with the maintenance upkeep of having a pool.

Chris Fata-Crowder
5 out of 5

Wow! First time using Puddle Pools and what a great experience. Bought a place with a pool which I know nothing about. After having a great conversation and trusted advice with them over the phone I decided to go with their pool maintenance plan. Richard came by and he took care of everything. He even took the time to show me all that is being done and ensured that the pool will be always kept up swim ready. I'm happy I made the right decision to go with this company, I'm less stressed and ready to swim and enjoy my pool!

Dewey Gill
5 out of 5

Fast and Clean. Like the way they car for our 2 water fountains in our driveway, always happy with them. Was asked if I would give a Google review and I am more than happy to.

Courtney Owen
5 out of 5

Smart guys who came to exchange our filter system. Very knowledgeable and very friendly. 25. Always been happy with Puddle guys. Nice people. Extremely knowledgeable Pool Guy.

5 out of 5

Called Puddle Pools Ottawa and consulted about changing out old for a new pool liner. Richard and Zachary answered all of my questions and earned my business. We couldn’t be happier so far! They did great and the pool looks amazing!

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