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Nothing adds personality to a property like a water feature does. Whether indoors or outside, a clean water fountain can boost curb appeal or even act as a meeting place. When fountains are clean and running smoothly, they add a lot but when they are dirty they become very unappealing, very quickly. When you want to keep your water systems in great shape, call a Puddle Pool Pro for expert Ottawa water feature maintenance.

Simple cleaning solutions might work on smooth surfaces indoors, but complex structures and systems require a more specialized touch. Fountains aren’t meant to be swam in, but that doesn’t always stop contact. Keeping a water feature clean is a matter of health and safety and can help to avoid repair bills, while prolonging the lifespan of your fountain mechanics.

Water Feature Care: What Keeps Your System In Great Shape

Around residential properties, the most common type of water feature is usually a garden fountain or simple wall fountain. In commercial spaces, larger fountains, combined with expert landscape design can add appeal to any outdoor space. In order to keep an indoor or outdoor water fountain in great shape, there should be regularly cleaning programs in place.

If water is not cleaned regularly it does not take long for algae growth, mineral deposits, white scale or mold to form. You might be able to remove debris from accessible areas using a simple skimmer, but when it comes to invasive growth and heavy bacteria growth, speciality tools are required. Unlike tap water that flows clean at all times, the water in your fountain is subject to contamination.

Proper water fountain care requires application of chemicals to beat back bacteria while removing debris helps to protect the fountain pump and filtration system. Particularly when outside, outdoor fountain pumps are subject to buildup from organics like leaves, sticks, seed pods, needles, pinecones and more. As these collect, they reduce water flow, forcing mechanics to work even harder. This added strain can take years off of the lifespan of internal components like pumps and filters.

As temperatures begin to cool, pool owners are quick to close their pool down, but fountains are often left out in the cold. In the same way that it does in a pool system, freezing water can damage internal mechanisms and can make plastic components brittle in a fountain, as well. Reducing the water level in your water feature prevents water from getting into systems, reducing the risk of damage.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results For Your Water Fountain Cleaning

Even with experience, taking care of a water fountain can be a messy and complicated business. In addition to regular cleaning, it is important to take on additional seasonal chores to ensure your system stays safe. In addition to keeping your water system safe, our technicians operate using top safety tools to protect properties and our technicians. Safe-guarding sensitive areas like an electricity outlet is just one of the ways that our Puddle technicians keep customers safe.

By offering options for regular cleaning and water balancing, deep cleans and seasonal care, our technicians are here to make your fountain run at full capacity. Each Puddle member is highly trained, experienced, and fully insured to provide peace of mind in addition to great results.

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