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As a pool owner, leaks can be your worst nightmare. Swimming pool leaks can lead to damaged structures, water damage, floods and rot. As your pool loses more water, your utility bills will increase. In order to prevent a worst-case scenario, opt for professional Ottawa pressure testing and leak detection services. From a small leak to a large-scale loss of water, a pressure test can identify problem areas before they become disasters.

What is Pool Water Pressure Testing?

A pressure test is a key component of leak detection. The overall goal of these tests is to use air pressure to determine whether or not there are unseen leaks lurking within your water system. By assessing pool plumbing, it is possible to determine whether or not there are leaks within your system, and whether these leaks are in the plumbing or in the foundation.

The most obvious indicator that there is a leak in your system is a drop in water level. It is normal to see some evaporation but when your levels are dropped 2-3 inches over the course of 24 hours, it is time to be concerned. This level of water reductions is a sign that there is likely a leak somewhere within your plumbing system or a broken pipe that is out of sight.

In its simplest form, pressure testing uses either water or air pressure inside plumbing lines to determine whether or not it can sustain constant pressure levels. If the pipe being tested is able to maintain pressure levels, it is a good indicator that there is not a leak in that area. Expert testing can be applied to drains, return lines, skimmers and any pipes that are attached to your pool equipment.

Calling Puddle For Your Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Testing

After years of industry experience our team of Puddle technicians are able to provide comprehensive pressure testing on a wide variety of pool systems all across the Ottawa area. Enlisting an expert for leak detection and pressure testing means tracking down leaks all throughout your piping system. If there are rocks or other unexpected issues, it might end up being a larger issue than a simple pressure testing.

In the event that lines are not holding pressure, technicians are alerted that plumbing is leaking air and water. The area with the suspected leak can then be narrowed down until the leak is located and a treatment plan can be created. Kick water loss by calling an expert today for expert leak detection in pools and hot tubs.

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