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Measure twice, cut once! It is an age-old adage but it is an important rule to live by — especially when dealing with a swimming pool. Installing a replacement liner is a complicated process and it all begins with measurements. This might seem like a good opportunity for a DIY project but nothing could be further from the truth! An improperly measured vinyl pool liner can wreck your pool, so trust the experts for the right results! Professional Ottawa pool liner measuring will properly measure your space according to its unique shape, size and details.

Anyone can measure the length of a pool but when fitting a vinyl liner it is important to take measurements of every aspect of a swimming pool. From the deep end, to pool walls and stairs, our team of experienced Puddle technicians can handle it all!

How to Measure Your Pool Liner

There is no set timeframe for a liner replacement or initial installation. The average range for an inground swimming pool liner replacement is anywhere between 5-9 years. This number will fluctuate based on upkeep and routine maintenance. If caught early, rips and tears can be patched as long as the rest of the liner is in good condition. In the event that there are too many tears or liners have faded or weakened, it is time to measure your swim space for a new inground pool liner.

There is no such thing as a standard pool size. Pools come in all shapes and sizes and that means custom measurements for every make and model. Even in the case of standard pool kits, the measurements will differ based on the conditions of yards and installation areas. In the case of both inground and above ground pool liners, custom cuts are necessary to accommodate unique features and that means in-depth measurements.

Length & Width: At the surface these seem like the simplest measurements to take: measure the longest and widest points of your pool. The primary issue when taking these measurements is where to start and where to stop. It is a common mistake to start measurements at the edge of coping instead of at the bead receiver. This can result in mis-measurements of several inches. It is also important to consider whether or not your pool has tile borders across the liner top and pool edge.

Measuring Corners: The type of corners that you are dealing with make a difference to your overall measurements. The most common types of pool corners are 90 degree square corners or rounded ones. Rounded corners must be squared off before measuring and this is one of the most complex liner measurement forms.

Pool Floors: Most pools do not have a flat bottom, so it is important to measure the wall height at both ends. If pools have a slope to the shallow end, it can be so gradual that it goes unnoticed. The area where the shallow end finishes and the deep end begins is called the Break. The Break needs to be accounted for in all measurements.

Additional Areas: When measuring a pool, it is important to consider your specific pool shape and other contributing factors. In the event that stairs are covered by liners, it is key to account for these areas when you measure the distance of your shallow end.

Puddle Pool Services: Properly Measuring Pools in Ottawa

After years in the industry, Puddle technicians understand the ins and outs of pool liner measurements. In order to get the best results for your liner replacements or installations, it is always better to rely on highly trained pool specialists. Fully insured technicians are fully-versed in the best ways to measure every element of your swim space.

Instead of submitting pool measurements on your own, Puddle technicians arrive on-scene to measure swim spaces. With expert tools and resources it is possible to find these measurements without draining your pool ahead of time. With the help of expert technicians, pool owners can enjoy the process instead of dreading it. Spend your time choosing the type of liner and the visuals associated with it. Pick your aesthetic and have an expert install it. Expert measurements and installations mean leaving pool owners to focus on keeping water balanced and enjoying their swim spaces!

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