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Just because Ottawa is known as a winter wonderland, doesn’t mean that property owners don’t want to have a little fun in the sun. For property owners with outdoor pools, the swimming season is a limited time, so it is important to make the most out of it — and our Puddle Pros can help! A professional Ottawa pool opening means a clean and efficient water system, in no time at all.

It is common to want to dip into swimming pools at the first sign of warm weather, but before you dive in, make sure that your system is clean! When you remove the cover from your pool in spring, you are dealing with the aftermath of water sitting stagnant for months. If your system has been sitting idle, it is likely suffering from stains, discolouration, algae growth, residue and a ton of built up debris. An amateur approach to pool opening can leave behind contaminated water, leading to damage and potential health risks, so call an expert instead!

Understanding Spring Pool Care: The Best Way to Open Your Pool

A proper pool opening requires more than just pulling back a safety cover. In order to get great results for your system, it is important to take a multi-step approach that caters to water condition, structures and pool equipment. Each of these play a role in the overall condition of your pool and if one of them is suffering, it will wear down on other components as well.

Undo Closing Practices: When cold weather comes around, it is important to protect your pool system and that comes along with a lengthy to-do list. When you want to open back up again, it is important to backtrack and undo anything that was done. Winterized drain plugs, water bags and more must all be removed and the surrounding areas inspected. If water levels were dropped, you will need to fill the pool back up so water is above skimmer lines.

Water Treatments: A basic kit or strips might be able to test the water within your system but after being closed for the winter, it will take a more in-depth chemical treatment to get water running clean again. If there is algae present, it means proper applications of algaecides to get rid of invasive growth. From here, standard pool chemicals and sanitizers can be used to balance pH levels, alkalinity and total chlorination.

Treating Filters & Removing Debris: The pool filter and circulation systems are the heart and soul of your water systems. Even when covered for winter, pools are collecting debris. Anything from leaves, sticks, seed pods and even mice can find their way into your skimmer baskets or sit along the bottom of the pool. In order to get the best results, water surfaces should be skimmed, it is important to vacuum the pool bottom, and check the pool filter, replacing if necessary.

Inspecting Structures: It is easy to overlook structures during the pool maintenance process. By inspecting sensitive areas like diving boards or a vinyl liner can help to identify problem areas before they turn into full blown disasters. A small tear can quickly turn into a larger one, leading to the need for a costly liner replacement.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best in Pool Opening Services

After months of sitting idle, property owners are likely to pull back the pool liner only to be met with a nasty surprise. An experienced technician is able to remove debris, inspect mechanisms, create safe environments and boost curb appeal. Each member of the Puddle team is highly experienced, fully insured and outfitted with industry tools for great results, every time.

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susan eccles
5 out of 5

Zach and Richard have been very professional since the day we connected. They provide prompt, thorough service and are accommodating. I highly recommend Puddles service if you do not want to deal with the maintenance upkeep of having a pool.

Chris Fata-Crowder
5 out of 5

Wow! First time using Puddle Pools and what a great experience. Bought a place with a pool which I know nothing about. After having a great conversation and trusted advice with them over the phone I decided to go with their pool maintenance plan. Richard came by and he took care of everything. He even took the time to show me all that is being done and ensured that the pool will be always kept up swim ready. I'm happy I made the right decision to go with this company, I'm less stressed and ready to swim and enjoy my pool!

Dewey Gill
5 out of 5

Fast and Clean. Like the way they car for our 2 water fountains in our driveway, always happy with them. Was asked if I would give a Google review and I am more than happy to.

Courtney Owen
5 out of 5

Smart guys who came to exchange our filter system. Very knowledgeable and very friendly. 25. Always been happy with Puddle guys. Nice people. Extremely knowledgeable Pool Guy.

5 out of 5

Called Puddle Pools Ottawa and consulted about changing out old for a new pool liner. Richard and Zachary answered all of my questions and earned my business. We couldn’t be happier so far! They did great and the pool looks amazing!

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