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It is no secret that you shouldn’t run around an in-ground pool. When wet, an exposed concrete surface becomes incredibly slippery. In addition to keeping a pool clean, it is important to ensure that surrounding areas are safe. When you seal a concrete pool deck, it becomes slip resistant, as well as protecting materials from damage, keeping them in good condition and looking great. Calling an expert for your Ottawa pool sealing and staining works to protect concrete but it also enhances the colour and prevents staining.

Why You Should Seal Your Pool Deck

A pool deck sealer is a protective layer that can be added to concrete. The goal of these sealants is to keep pool water and moisture out of the vulnerable spaces between slabs. Concrete is a tough material but it is also porous. When you want to preserve the look and condition of everything from coloured concrete to stamped concrete, there are plenty of reasons that a sealant is right for you:

Mold & Mildew: Invasive growth like mold and mildew are common in damp, dark areas and the spaces between concrete fits this bill. Concrete is a porous material, which means moisture can sit inside these pores, allowing mold to grow in the grooves and crevices of poolsides. This will degrade materials and create slippery surfaces.

Slips & Falls: Untreated concrete becomes risky for a wide range of reasons. As water sits in the pores of concrete it create a slippery surface and the addition of mold and mildew will only increase that slip factor. When sealed, water beads on top of concrete, preventing it from entering doors and creating a slide resistant surface.

Stains: Porous materials stain easily! This can mean metal stain from barbecues or furniture, rings left behind from plant pots but it can also mean organic pool stains. Prolonged exposure to UV rays or harsh chemicals and salt applied during the winter season can cause fading or weakening, which lead to breaks. Cleansers can be used to reduce these discolourations but over time it can become impossible to remove pool stains. A concrete sealer for pool decks can help to protect the condition and appearance of your poolside.

Curb Appeal: Your pool should be functional but it should also be visually appealing. Staining concrete can help to add a bit of colour and personality to your space. From high gloss variations to matte materials, creating your ideal swim space is easier than ever.

There is no question that sealing a pool is beneficial to the overall look, condition and safety of your swim space. Whether you are adding a new sealant or are hoping to reseal an existing space, there is never a bad time to treat your pool deck. If you are wondering whether or not your pool needs to be resealed, there is a simple test that you can do: spray it with water! If water beads on concrete, it is still sealed but if it soaks into cracks and crevices or into concrete, it is time for another application.

Puddle Pool Services: Sealing Pools Throughout the Ottawa Area

When applied properly, a proper sealant can help to improve the look of your pool space and it can extend the lifespan of your concrete. Instead of just pouring sealers on, it is important to ensure proper application that keeps water out but still allows it to pass through, along with proper airflow to dry and ventilate the areas between slabs. Applying a sealer to newly installed pool concrete can reduce efficiency and lead to unexpected damage. It is important to wait until pools are fully cured before staining or sealing concrete.

Consult a Puddle Pro about the benefits of a solvent based sealer versus acrylic sealers and the best way to reseal areas as needed. It is important to know which sealers were used originally before reapplying, as certain chemicals in sealants clash, creating adverse chemical reactions. Just like paint, applying a sealer without sanding away underlying treatments can result in flaking, peeling and poor visuals.

Experienced Puddle technicians are able to create treatment plans according to the weather conditions around your pool, age, condition and style. Fully insured technicians offer peace of mind and excellent results for first time pool staining and sealing, as well as reapplications.

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