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Regular swimming pool care normally focuses on water chemistry and obvious debris removal, but what about the systems that keep it running? Pool equipment is what makes these systems work! From keeping water moving, to new and inventive ways to beat back bacteria and make the most out of the swim season, our Puddle Pros can help! Expert Ottawa pool equipment installation and replacements can help a new swim space start out on the right foot or update existing pools for better functionality.

If pool equipment is old or damaged it can have a negative impact across your entire water system. This can mean leaks, high chemical usage or chemical odours and other side effects. Even if your pumps and filters are still running, that doesn’t mean that they are as efficient as they could be. Replacing aged equipment with updated and modernized models is an inexpensive way to improve output, function and even utility bills.

The Importance of Pool Equipment

Functional pool equipment is the key to keeping water safe, sanitary and helps to boost curb appeal. Without a running circulation system, pools would quickly become filled up with debris and bacteria. You wouldn’t swim in a swamp, so your pool shouldn’t look like one! Pool equipment is divided into two main categories: the necessary and the nice. Pumps and filters are necessary, while pool heaters and pool sanitation systems are helpful additions. When properly installed, pool heat pumps can help to extend the swim season.

Pool Pumps: A pool pump moves water through your system. Without it, water sits stagnant and will become contaminated in no time. Pumps pull water through skimmers and into filters, where particles and debris are filtered out before water is returned to basins. If your pump is making noise while operating, it is likely time for a replacement. A pool pump replacement ensures that systems are running quietly and efficiently, extending the lifespan of materials and even cutting back on running costs. Professional pool pump installation ensures that your mechanisms are in good condition and can last anywhere from 5-10 years.

Pool Filters: If you start to notice that your swimming pool water is looking a little murky, it might be time to call a professional to inspect and treat your pool filter. When filters are not in good condition, it is possible for debris and particles to become trapped in pool water. This will quickly lead to unsanitary spaces. Filter heads can leak internally or outwardly, or become brittle in cold weather. Consulting an expert can help pool owners choose between a sand filter or cartridge filters.

UV Systems: Chemicals and sanitizers are the most common way to kill bacteria in swimming pool water but these can have side effects, particularly when it comes to vinyl liners. More and more pool owners are trying to cut back on the use of chlorine, bromine or other sanitizers and UV systems are a viable option. UV light for water sanitation systems in pools can reduce the need for chemical sanitizers, like chlorine systems up to 80%. Avoid the skin and eye irritations that come along with chemical exposure.

Pool Heaters: Throughout Ontario, the fall season can come on quickly, putting a stop to the swimming season. Pool heater installation makes it possible to open pools early and close late, extending the swim season on both sides. The most common types of pool heating are gas pool heaters and heat pumps. Gas models often use a pilot light that can blow out at inconvenient times but heat water quickly and in almost any condition. Heat pumps are electric and require an outdoor temperature of 10 degrees or higher.

Puddle Pool Services: Guaranteed Equipment, Guaranteed Results

Puddle Pros cannot only perform expert installations but will help pool owners choose the right product and model to suit the unique needs of their swim space. An amateur approach to pool cleaning can lead to subpar results but attempting DIY on a gas line can result in disaster. It is always better to consult a professional before attempting to install or replace gas or electrical components. When performed incorrectly, pool light repair can end up causing damage to the electrical system and the light fixture itself.

Puddle Pool technicians do not just install a one-size-fits all component and walk away. Our team of dedicated specialists work with pool owners every step of the way. From choosing the best type and model of filter or heater, discussing options for upgrading existing equipment and the best way to care for existing systems, our Puddle Pros work with clients from start to finish. Fully insured technicians and services provide peace of mind as well as expert installations and replacements.

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